Leni Robredo seemingly loves disasters as evident in her smiley photo ops

Just in case the Opposition still don’t understand and so they cannot use this again in the next disaster, get this: Local Government Units are expected to be first responders in emergency situations. They shouldn’t be looking for the president on the first day of a situation before the extent of the damage is known. […]


Philippine Opposition doomed to fail under Leni Robredo’s leadership

It is quite a pathetic situation. To this day, the Philippine Opposition continues to look to “vice president” Leni Robredo for leadership. Isn’t there a better alternative? Time and again, Robredo has proven to be a divisive rather than unifying leader. This is because she continues to be identified with the partisan bloc within the […]

Yellow-led Philippine Opposition believe ALL of their political rivals are “human rights violators”

What we call flypaper issues are non-issues that so-called “activists” buzz about and, eventually, get stuck on. One such example is the latest Yellowtard buzz, the Magnitsky Act. The Yellowtards are now counting on the Western world to invoke this or enact similar acts within their jurisdictions to sanction people in the Third World perceived […]


Yellowtard hijack of #TheJoshuaTreeTourMNL U2 concert will fail to convert VOTERS

As expected, the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition managed to hijack substantial eyeball space in the Manila leg of U2’s The Joshua Tree tour. As reported by one of their “thought leaders” Inday Espina Varona who is evidently ecstatic… Bono called out @mariaressa ‘s name before launching into “Ultra-Violet,” as a tribute to women. Among those on […]

The Yellowtards’ best efforts to put down the #2019SEAGames FAIL!

Warts and all, the 2019 Southeast Asian Games hosted this year in the Philippines is taking off. A test run of The Cauldron, the object of vicious attacks from a who’s who of “thought leaders” of Yellowtardom, for example, had delivered spectacular results. TEST RUN of Cauldron at the New Clark City.👏👏 ctto.#2019SEAGames#WeWinAsOne#Philippines2019#SEAGames2019#SEAGames pic.twitter.com/sERC6tT3vB — […]

Leaders of the Philippine Opposition miss the power to “control the narrative”

Coming straight from Inquirer columnist Randy David himself in his column today where he laments the “bullying” that “vice president” Leni Robredo is supposedly copping today… Without the power to control the narrative, VP Leni’s resignation at this point would be a form of suicide. We should not allow that to happen. Last we recall, […]


Disaster struck Mindanao because of Duterte supporters according to @YolyOng!

It’s not enough that Yoly Ong condemned the victims of the recent earthquake that hit Mindanao, she’s now promoting discrimination in her latest tweet… The Mindanaoans who are not DDS need all the help and prayers. Choose the relief orgns that you can trust not to steal your contribution. Bangon mabubuting tao ng Mindanao. — […]

Leni Robredo proved that the Opposition has no plan for the Philippines

It’s now obvious that the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards offer no solutions nor alternatives to the Filipino people. Given the chance by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to lead the charge against drug crime, “vice president” Leni Robredo could only respond with the usual lame vindictiveness that the Yellowtards have become renowned for. Robredo’s […]


If I were Leni Robredo, here’s how I’d respond to Duterte’s challenge…

I’d make a counter-offer rather than waffle on with some lame chickenshit excuse the way she is doing today. At least ask for a longer period than six months. Then set out the terms. Propose that I be given power to revamp the police force, sack its top officials and implement measures to professonalise it. […]

Leni Robredo should offer SOLUTIONS to the drug problem rather than just whine about it

Leni Robredo wants President Rodrigo Duterte to stop the drug war without giving alternative solutions to the problem. She keeps attempting to embarrass Duterte because her party suffered a major defeat in the last election. Unfortunately for her, she’s embarrassing herself instead because she comes across as vindictive. Here is an example of the talk […]