Latest Pulse Survey proves Yellowtard demonisation campaign against Duterte INEFFECTIVE

Once again, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte defied an ongoing demonisation campaign being mounted by the Philippine Opposition against him to emerge an even stronger incumbent to deal with. The latest Pulse Asia Survey showed Duterte’s approval rating at 87 percent, up nine points from the last published results. Duterte’s total urban approval rating jumped 16 […]

To prove they are GENUINE, the Opposition should focus on other issues besides Duterte

The recent fiasco surrounding the handling of a Senate “inquiry” into the ABS-CBN franchise renewal issue highlights the existence of many cases of dishonesty perpetrated by government officials that the Opposition are turning a blind eye to. It is notable indeed that when awareness of the vested interests of Senator Grace Poe in ABS-CBN exploded, […]

Failure of EDSA “revolution” commemoration highlights Opposition failure to propose alternatives

Another February another year, another non-event takes place at the once hallowed EDSA monuments to the 1986 “people power revolution”. If Filipinos haven’t gotten the hint yet, perhaps it’s time to spell it out. These monuments should be put in a museum. Then again, perhaps let them stay — as poignant reminders of how Filipinos […]

Despite efforts to relive the Yellowtard spirit, EDSA commemoration is a dud again

Liberal Party President and Senator Kiko Pangilinan put up a brave appeal to Filipinos to sustain the Yellowtard tradition… “The idea behind the Yellow Ribbon Campaign came from our chapter leaders and members. This is a crucial ingredient for a successful movement. Let’s bring our efforts back to the people. Let them own it,” Pangilinan […]

Instead of finding their next WINNABLE leader, the Opposition are wasting time on trolling

It’s all well and good that the current Philippine Opposition are doing their darndest to be “critical” of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. The trouble is, they’re not doing too well in that activity and this is because they continue to allow themselves to be led by the Yellowtards. Worse, while they waste time […]

How does Opposition “influencer” @MrFrankBaraan find the time to block 3900 “trolls”?

It’s interesting that Yellowtards like Opposition “influencer” Frank Baraan insist that they are up against a “troll army” yet try to “fight” them using methods that don’t make sense when dealing with swarm-type forces. Then again, seeing that their lot had forgotten how to win elections, it is not surprising that they fail to find […]

Wishing death upon someone isn’t a very decent thing to be doing

Just over the last 24 hours, two Yellowtard Netizens had directed death wishes towards Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. To be fair to these people, hate has long been a pillar of today’s Opposition rhetoric. This is thanks to the Yellowtards who are the presumptive “leaders” of the Opposition. They are a particularly rabid bloc of […]

The Opposition #OustDuterte movement to exploit the #coronavirus outbreak failed yet again

The Opposition is trying to have another go at this #OustDuterte advocacy of theirs. Every issue whether it is a natural calamity like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions or this latest coronavirus outbreak is, for them, an opportunity to pin the blame on current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte just to rile up the public. They never […]

The Yellowtards are making #OustDuterte “trend” because they are incapable of winning an HONEST election

They’re at it again — evidence that they have not learned from history’s lessons that had showed them that “ousting” elected leaders Yellowtard style through a “people power revolution” had long ago become the sad punchline of a lame joke. As if making a quaint hashtag “trend” actually moves power in the Philippines. #OustDuterte as […]

The Yellowtards are resorting to inciting panic over the coronavirus outbreak just to seize power

You can see it in the main content of the Opposition rhetoric nowadays — mudslinging, inciting misinformation-driven panic, and nitpicking on inconsequential “issues”. Perhaps because of a lack of a substantial ideological foundation, the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition is running around flailing aimlessly, lashing out at every target that catches its eye. A key pillar in […]