Filipinos lack grace in times of crises

Recall how the Philippines'”thought” leaders shrieked “tragedy” literally just as Taal Volcano blew its top. And now we see the same shrill behaviour of the same lot having panic attacks over a virus less likely to kill than a ride in a jeepney over the length of Aurora Boulevard.

Filipinos are being encouraged by these shills — mostly Yellowtards — to demonise mainland Chinese at a time when other world leaders are issuing words of sympathy and support for the plight of these people and their government.

That is what grace is all about and Filipinos, led by the Yellowtards, seem incapable of exhibiting any such.

We must look to the British and how, even as their capital city was bombed by the Luftwaffe kept their dignity.

Filipinos have a lot to learn about what being a great people means. Sadly they’re not gonna learn any of that from their Yellowtard-led Opposition.

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