According to @TeddyCasino front organisations like Anakbayan don’t recruit for the New People’s Army

Teddy Casino reportedly clarified that communist front organisations like Anakbayan recruit members to involve them in their activist campaigns supposedly related to student and national “issues”. “Malinaw sa mga charters ng mga ‘yan ay ang nire-recruit nila ay mga kasapian nila para ipaglaban ang iba’t ibang isyung pang-estudyante at pambayan. Ngayon, if it so happens […]

Being gunned down does not make one a hero. Ninoy Aquino is not a hero.

Aquino supporters are still insisting Ninoy was a hero. No, he was not. A lot of politicians all over the world get gunned down by political rivals. The most famous one was John F Kennedy. The Americans did not make him a hero after his assassination. The trouble begins when people like former Congressman Teddy […]

What good are effigies? What NEXT after you burn them?

I don’t get effigies. Does, say, displaying a painting of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte sporting the same styled moustache worn by Adolf Hitler necessarily make him the same as Der Fuhrer? And by burning this effigy, does that make one’s committing these “symbols” to flames akin to casting a spell or hex on the people […]