Career protesters like @TeddyCasino are old dogs needing to learn new tricks


Former House Representative Teddy Casino is exhibiting the very same lack of imagination that cost the Opposition this year’s national elections.

In thinking that true activism lies only in the traditional style his communist cadres have been mounting since time immemorial, Casino shows that he has not learned a thing about modern day political campaign. It does not take the eye of a Sherlock Holmes to observe that the Opposition (which includes the communist bloc within it) is suffering an acute crisis of relevance and credibility. The lame messages of these partisan communities are failing to resonate among Filipinos and, instead, are attracting ridicule.

Old school vandalism attracts more derision and less ‘action’ nowadays.

Opposition leaders like Casino should unglue themselves from 1980s thinking and learn the new techniques that win today’s elections and score PR points in today’s more informed public discourse. Carrying on incessantly with old Cold War rhetoric is obviously not working.

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