What good are effigies? What NEXT after you burn them?


I don’t get effigies. Does, say, displaying a painting of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte sporting the same styled moustache worn by Adolf Hitler necessarily make him the same as Der Fuhrer? And by burning this effigy, does that make one’s committing these “symbols” to flames akin to casting a spell or hex on the people “symbolised” by this stunt?

That’s exactly what “activists” led by the usual suspects would like Filipinos to believe as this tweet by commie leader Teddy Casino suggests…

Sure, you go burn them good, champ. That’ll show them.

The fact is, superstitious hocus pocus will not change the Philippines. Only well thought out action will. That gives a bit of an ironic spin to the notion of “activism” in the Philippines.

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