Even if the Yellowtards lost the elections, they still need to be crushed

The Yellowtards are a defeated force for now. For now. They continue to be a cancer in Philippine society and their legacy of snowflake politics still infests the Philippines’ top schools and universities.

It is therefore important that they be crushed. The other day, I featured a lament issued by Senator Kiko Pangilinan, leader of the Yellowtards, which I translated to English…

The [2019] elections are already finished. You [administration bets] already won big time, right? So why go after and try to jail us [in the Opposition] who did not succeed in that election as well as those who supported us? Even priests and bishops involved were not cut a bit of slack.

The article where I first featured the above made a point about Pangilinan’s missing the whole point — that losing an election does not exempt one from criminal prosecution.

Now I take on board what he says — that perhaps there is merit in what he believes the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte is doing — possibly taking measures to crush the Opposition.

To that I say: Why not?

The Yellowtards would do the same if they were in that position. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes the late former President Cory Aquino made was to let her former nemeses back in and allow them to roam the political landscape scott free. This is something today’s Martial Law Crybabies wail about.

Someone needs to remind Pangilinan also that the Liberal Party detained Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla and Juan Ponce Enrile even before the 2016 elections just because they were a threat to Mar Roxas’s Presidential ambition.

An entire Opposition bloc captured in living colour attending the wedding of a liar!

Like how one would cure cancer, the approach to dealing with the Yellowtard Problem in the Philippines should not stop short of total political annihilation. Just like how cigarette smokers had gone from cool to fool, Yellowtardism needs to be reduced to a quaint historical curiosity. Only a sweeping cultural revolution can achieve that — one that turns Filipinos from whiney brats addicted to their victimhood back to real achievers.

Indeed, Senator Pangilinan. The Yellowtards may have lost the elections. But they aren’t beaten, and the need to crush them must persist.

Latest Pulse Asia results for January 2019 reveal FAILED Opposition campaign

The latest Pulse Asia senatorial preference survey for January 2019 reveals yet again that the Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) continue to miss the mark.

Evidently, Filipinos polled in this survey weren’t moved by the obsolete style of messaging the Yellowtards continue to stubbornly cling to in the crucial campaign lead up to this year’s elections.

Something’s gotta give for this ill-fated Opposition bloc. It’s either they ditch the Yellowtards and their hopelessly abstract high-up-there rhetoric that revolves around nebulous notions like “human rights”, “equality”, and, Maria Ressa’s favourite, “press freedom”, or lose the elections.

The choice has long been clear. But not to the bozos who presume to “lead” this Opposition bloc.

Liberal Party promise to “listen” is as empty as their old slogan “Kung Walang Korap Walang Mahirap”

The Liberal Party’s new campaign slogan is that they are now “listening to the people”. Oh really? That’s an admission they weren’t listening the whole time they were in power. Let’s test it.

Can LP please answer why they violated the rule on using savings to procure the untested Dengvaxia vaccine?

Why did they ditch yellow?

According to senatorial candidate Pilo Hilbay (as reported by the Philippine Star), “the ‘traditional politics’ of [the] admin slate and the new breed of ‘principled’ politics of [the] opposition lay down a ‘campaign of contrast’.”

What a laugh. The only thing different about this so-called “new breed” is they don’t wear yellows shirts and sport yellow paraphernalia anymore. Otherwise, they say and stand for the same old sh*t. They should be called the SOS Team.

The Liberal Party (LP) just admitted they did not listen to the people when they were in power. Now their campaign slogan says they are ready to listen. They are not promising to act on or do anything about the people’s grievances though.

Too bad rabid Liberal Party supporters were not consulted before the party changed its slogan from “Kung walang korap, walang mahirap” to “Nakikinig”. They look like idiots now supporting a party whose leadership had to admit they were not listening to the public when they were in power.

What has the Liberal Party been doing the whole time it turned a deaf ear to the Filipino people?

So the Liberal Party reportedly “now ‘listens’ to the people it once ignored”. This admission raises an important question: What served as input into their vision and governance platform to begin with?

Surely, in a democracy, political parties are guided by their constituents’ priorities. But how could the LP have known what these priorities were if they had not been listening all the while?

The answers to this question are all no-brainers. The LP being no more than the election winning machine of the “prayerful” lot of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan really found no need to listen to anyone because they had only three sources of input into its agenda:

(1) the fate of Hacienda Luisita;

(2) the mythology of Ninoy’s and Cory’s “martyrdom”; and,

(3) the wishes of the Roman Catholic Church and its henchmen in the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

Are the LP now truly willing to “connect to a wider spectrum of Filipino voters” as its leader Kiko Pangilinan promises? Of course they are. There’s an election they desperately need to win. After that? Well it wouldn’t be a surprise if the focus of their agenda reverts back to beholdenness to the strategic objectives of those three pillars of their real platform.

That’s the Liberal Party for you — full of promises during election season and nothing else but hidden agendas in between.

Filipinos deserve a BETTER Opposition than the one the Yellowtards are “leading” #ZeroOtsoDiretso

What else are are the Opposition pitching to the Filipino voter? All they’ve done so far is whine and pretend to be aghast at what they describe as the “evil” regime of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. But they haven’t so far paused to step back and regard the bigger picture where the truth is evident — that the Duterte government continues to enjoy the trust and approval of the Filipino people.

This means that whatever the Yellowtards are doing ain’t working. They continue to lead the Opposition down a path to failure. They are failing to regain the trust of the voters because they are failing to deliver messages that resonate. They have made themselves irrelevant.

Filipinos deserve a better Opposition than the one being led by the Yellowtards. An intelligent incumbent adminstration and a healthy Opposition to keep it honest are both essential ingredients to a true democracy that serves the people. The current Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition is failing to deliver its end of the deal to the Filipino people.

More info emerging on @PinoyAkoBlog writer Jover Laurio’s disturbing familarity with Opposition politicians

As if it weren’t enough that strong evidence has emerged that Facebook boosts of articles published on Jover Laurio’s Pinoy Ako Blog are funded by the “Crazy Rich Asian” herself, more leaks from behind the Yellow curtain continue to flood social media. Presumably we have to thank the spectacular falling out between the Crazy Rich one and her business manager, Nicko Falcis for all these revelations.

The most recent artefact making the rounds is a list of names gracing a certain event happening in January this year. This is a list of people that could easily be collectively categorised under a single political label. This constitutes further evidence that certain bloggers can no longer be regarded as objective purveyors of political “insight”. A certain line has been crossed as evidenced by this list of names. Past this line, one will have lost all ascendancy as a source of reliable and balanced political punditry.

If, say, Jover Laurio has crossed this line, what happens next? Indeed, her blog Pinoy Ako is so presumptuously-named that one would assume that she aspires to represent the interests of all Filipinos in what she writes. What happens next if, indeed, she is now irrevocably linked by familiarity and by certain sacramental stipulations to some of the subjects of her writing (and adversaries of these subjects), is that Laurio should change her blog title to something that is more consistent with her true — and, now, proven — political affiliation. Yellowtard Ako, perhaps? The crowd will ultimately decide.

Is a Duterte critic automatically a Yellowtard? Here’s the lowdown…

Lately, the Opposition has been undergoing an existential crisis and are divided over how to define the broader community of rabid critics of the government of President Rodrigo Duterte. It used to be clear in the past. Yellowtards = Everything that is Good. Everyone Else = Bad (“evil” even, if one asks the most rabid of the Yellowtards).

Oh and then there are the communists and their circle of “front” organisations. These bozos are against everything to do with freedom, choice, and making one’s own bed. But we won’t include them in this exploration because they are in an ideological hole of their own making right now.

The reason it was easy for Filipinos to equate Yellowtardism with everything that is good is because they had the Roman Catholic Church on their side. Priests, nuns, and bishops hosted Yellowtard rallies and spectacles in their churches. They also celebrated masses on command for the Yellowtards. In a predominantly Catholic country, whoever is “blessed” by a Catholic cleric is de facto GOOD.

The logic is simple when you are a devout Catholic that way. Good equals Catholic Church. Catholic Church endorses Yellowtardom. Yellowtardom is therefore good. Milk in my cereal. Coffeemate in my coffee. Makes sense to me, right?

It is therefore nothing short of an intellectual cataclysm ravaging thought leadership in Philippine society today that the idea that Yellowtards are God’s soldiers on earth has now come under intense modern critical scrutiny. Church-going prayerful Filipinos are now faced with the soul-wrenching option of separating religious faith from political faith. Indeed, political sensibilities independent of one’s religious beliefs is an alien concept to Filipinos. Perhaps, however, until now.

Filipinos will have to come to terms with the possibility that there is a widening gray area between being a Yellowtard and being a Duterte critic. This just means, perhaps, really stopping and understanding clearly what a Yellowtard really is. Perhaps the term “Yellowtard” no longer has anything to do with a partisan colour. It has more to do with the quality of one’s thinking. Perhaps low-quality thinking is what now defines what a Yellowtard is. The amazing thing about this new definition is that it still describes most people who identify with the old 1980s notion of being a Yellowtard.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 😁

Many liberal and left-leaning Filipino voters remain supportive of Duterte because the Yellowtard-led Opposition SUCKS

The trouble with the Philippine Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) is that they are failing at the one most important thing needed to succeed in a democracy: converting swing voters.

At a fundamental level, the principles espoused by the Yellowtards and supporters of Duterte are the same. Both claim to be pro-poor and on the side of the oppressed. The trouble with the Yellowtards is that they come across as exclusive rather than inclusive. As a result, they are turning off millions of Filipino voters who could otherwise have given them a second chance.

One such voter is De La Salle University professor Antonio Contreras who articulated why he still chooses to support Duterte despite espousing liberal principles in a Facebook post.

It is simply because [the current Opposition] are not better. They are a bunch of elites who are also out of touch. Their politics is driven by hatred and not by hope. And they have a track record to show that they are even worse.

The opposition, for now, is in such a bad, discredited shape that a left-leaning liberal like me would rather support a President whose politics I would generally have problems with, but who I can tolerate. At least, I am still free to criticize him whenever I disagree with him.

The Opposition really need to seriously consider ditching the Yellowtards and the shrill cliques of Martial Law Crybabies who poison their colour even more. If thine Yellowtard offends thee, cut them off.

Do the Yellowtards as we know them still exist? Yellowtards say “Not anymore!”

If we are to believe what the Yellowtards are saying nowadays, it would seem as if the People Who Wear Yellow for the Laban Cause simply vanished into thin air. Such is the effort to deny the existence of Yellowtardism being mounted by the Opposition. It is motivated by a secret acknowledgement that the Yellow “Laban” brand has become a poisoned chalice.

Never mind that the previous Philippine President, Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, spent practically all of his term as leader of the Filipino people wearing that once-ubiquitous yellow ribbon that symbolises loyalty to ONE partisan camp.

The Opposition now deride anyone who refers to the “dilawan” (yellowish) tag as retro 1980ish. Ironic, right? These bozos may no longer wear yellow, but they still harbour in their pointed heads obsolete 1980s romantic notions of illegally-removing duly-elected presidents using massive rallies staged on the streets of Imperial Manila.

Is that really democracy? The Yellowtards think so. But they lie.

PEAK YELLOWTARD has been reached in Philippine politics!

Just like how the 20th Century saw the rise and (beginning of the) fall of the internal combustion engine and its fossil fuel energy source, so too were we witness to the rise and fall of Yellowtard thinking from 1983 to 2016. Rest in Peace Yellowtardom.

Dubbed “Peak Oil”, the anticipated fate of fossil fuels as the primary means to supply the world’s energy needs evolved from being one where supply would eventually be exhausted (or severely curtailed) to one where demand would fall as alternative fuels (such as wind and solar) are tapped and alternative engines (electric powered ones) replaced the conventional. Both are happening today.

The same happened to Yellowtardom but at a much more accelerated rate. Yellowtards used to fuel the Philippines’ political rhetoric. Now they are but a pale shadow of their former glory. Demand for their bullshit has crashed (Yellowtard slogans now ellicit eyes rolls, cringe, and nausea and no longer the awe and inspiration they once commanded). More importantly, supply of fresh Yellowtard politicians and “thought leaders” has also dried up. Both new and traditional politicians are distancing themselves from the Yellow colour and the Loser hand gesture. Bloggers (except for a small clique of dinosaurs) no longer adorn their web pages with icons of Yellow ribbons.

Peak Yellowtard has set in. Alternatives need to be found. Like the hunt for alternative sources of energy, the search for alternative forms of “dissent” requires the best minds and cutting-edge thinking. Who is up to that task in Philippine politics? That remains to be seen.