Kiko Pangilinan suggests that Filipinos break the law by ousting Duterte through “people power”

On the 74th anniversary of the founding of the Philippines’ Liberal Party, Senator Kiko Pangilinan appealed to the Filipino public to overthrow the government. The lawmaker seems to be forgetting that, as an officer of the legislature, he is asking Filipinos to violate the law. How else would one interpret Pangilinan when he says “there […]


Even if the Yellowtards lost the elections, they still need to be crushed

The Yellowtards are a defeated force for now. For now. They continue to be a cancer in Philippine society and their legacy of snowflake politics still infests the Philippines’ top schools and universities. It is therefore important that they be crushed. The other day, I featured a lament issued by Senator Kiko Pangilinan, leader of […]

Latest Pulse Asia results for January 2019 reveal FAILED Opposition campaign

The latest Pulse Asia senatorial preference survey for January 2019 reveals yet again that the Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) continue to miss the mark. Evidently, Filipinos polled in this survey weren’t moved by the obsolete style of messaging the Yellowtards continue to stubbornly cling to in the crucial campaign lead […]


Liberal Party promise to “listen” is as empty as their old slogan “Kung Walang Korap Walang Mahirap”

The Liberal Party’s new campaign slogan is that they are now “listening to the people”. Oh really? That’s an admission they weren’t listening the whole time they were in power. Let’s test it. Can LP please answer why they violated the rule on using savings to procure the untested Dengvaxia vaccine? Why did they ditch […]


What has the Liberal Party been doing the whole time it turned a deaf ear to the Filipino people?

So the Liberal Party reportedly “now ‘listens’ to the people it once ignored”. This admission raises an important question: What served as input into their vision and governance platform to begin with? Surely, in a democracy, political parties are guided by their constituents’ priorities. But how could the LP have known what these priorities were […]


Filipinos deserve a BETTER Opposition than the one the Yellowtards are “leading” #ZeroOtsoDiretso

What else are are the Opposition pitching to the Filipino voter? All they’ve done so far is whine and pretend to be aghast at what they describe as the “evil” regime of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. But they haven’t so far paused to step back and regard the bigger picture where the truth is […]


More info emerging on @PinoyAkoBlog writer Jover Laurio’s disturbing familarity with Opposition politicians

As if it weren’t enough that strong evidence has emerged that Facebook boosts of articles published on Jover Laurio’s Pinoy Ako Blog are funded by the “Crazy Rich Asian” herself, more leaks from behind the Yellow curtain continue to flood social media. Presumably we have to thank the spectacular falling out between the Crazy Rich […]


Is a Duterte critic automatically a Yellowtard? Here’s the lowdown…

Lately, the Opposition has been undergoing an existential crisis and are divided over how to define the broader community of rabid critics of the government of President Rodrigo Duterte. It used to be clear in the past. Yellowtards = Everything that is Good. Everyone Else = Bad (“evil” even, if one asks the most rabid […]


Many liberal and left-leaning Filipino voters remain supportive of Duterte because the Yellowtard-led Opposition SUCKS

The trouble with the Philippine Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) is that they are failing at the one most important thing needed to succeed in a democracy: converting swing voters. At a fundamental level, the principles espoused by the Yellowtards and supporters of Duterte are the same. Both claim to be […]

Do the Yellowtards as we know them still exist? Yellowtards say “Not anymore!”

If we are to believe what the Yellowtards are saying nowadays, it would seem as if the People Who Wear Yellow for the Laban Cause simply vanished into thin air. Such is the effort to deny the existence of Yellowtardism being mounted by the Opposition. It is motivated by a secret acknowledgement that the Yellow […]