Filipinos deserve a BETTER Opposition than the one the Yellowtards are “leading” #ZeroOtsoDiretso


What else are are the Opposition pitching to the Filipino voter? All they’ve done so far is whine and pretend to be aghast at what they describe as the “evil” regime of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. But they haven’t so far paused to step back and regard the bigger picture where the truth is evident — that the Duterte government continues to enjoy the trust and approval of the Filipino people.

This means that whatever the Yellowtards are doing ain’t working. They continue to lead the Opposition down a path to failure. They are failing to regain the trust of the voters because they are failing to deliver messages that resonate. They have made themselves irrelevant.

Filipinos deserve a better Opposition than the one being led by the Yellowtards. An intelligent incumbent adminstration and a healthy Opposition to keep it honest are both essential ingredients to a true democracy that serves the people. The current Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition is failing to deliver its end of the deal to the Filipino people.

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