Liberal Party promise to “listen” is as empty as their old slogan “Kung Walang Korap Walang Mahirap”


The Liberal Party’s new campaign slogan is that they are now “listening to the people”. Oh really? That’s an admission they weren’t listening the whole time they were in power. Let’s test it.

Can LP please answer why they violated the rule on using savings to procure the untested Dengvaxia vaccine?

Why did they ditch yellow?

According to senatorial candidate Pilo Hilbay (as reported by the Philippine Star), “the ‘traditional politics’ of [the] admin slate and the new breed of ‘principled’ politics of [the] opposition lay down a ‘campaign of contrast’.”

What a laugh. The only thing different about this so-called “new breed” is they don’t wear yellows shirts and sport yellow paraphernalia anymore. Otherwise, they say and stand for the same old sh*t. They should be called the SOS Team.

The Liberal Party (LP) just admitted they did not listen to the people when they were in power. Now their campaign slogan says they are ready to listen. They are not promising to act on or do anything about the people’s grievances though.

Too bad rabid Liberal Party supporters were not consulted before the party changed its slogan from “Kung walang korap, walang mahirap” to “Nakikinig”. They look like idiots now supporting a party whose leadership had to admit they were not listening to the public when they were in power.

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