Cory Aquino exploited Filipino emotionalism to become president then set up the Philippines for disaster

“Vice president” Leni Robredo disagrees with President Rodrigo Duterte’s opinion of ex-Pres. Cory Aquino — that the latter only became popular after former Senator Ninoy Aquino died. But of course Robredo would disagree. She herself only became popular after her own husband died. She’s also delusional like Cory. She has delusions of grandeur.

A lot of people agree in hindsight that Cory should never have been installed as President because, one, she stayed in Boston for years and did not have the residency in the Philippines required to qualify. Two, she didn’t have a platform nor policy to bring the country from Third World to First.

Those who pushed Cory to run were simply emotional and did not think about the consequences of putting up someone inexperienced to run a country. The result was a disaster that lasted for more than 30 years. Her Presidency set the country back and continues to trail our ASEAN neighbors to this day.

Manila Mayor @IskoMoreno should serve as an example to “vice president” @LeniRobredo

Looks like Isko Moreno has been preparing for his stint as Manila City Mayor and started his term sprinting to success. I admire his patience waiting during the previous mayor’s corruption-riddled term even though he was probably cringing at the lack of progress while Vice Mayor.

Leni Robredo should learn from Moreno. While he was Vice Mayor, Moreno didn’t talk bad about then Mayor Joseph Estrada and didn’t try to steal his thunder. He waited patiently for his turn to implement his ideas. In contrast, Leni tries so hard to put current President Rodrigo Duterte down — as if she has better ideas.

It just goes to show that Robredo does not have the patience and foresight needed to be a great leader. She can’t even lead her own political party. The only reason she became popular is because the media helped push her profile up after her husband died tragically during Noynoy’s term

Why is it so hard to find public servants like Isko Moreno in the Philippines? It has become apparent that most public servants only want the perks and connections that come with the job like getting kick backs from mafia groups who extort money from businesses instead of serving.

Until public servants in the Philippines become selfless like Isko Moreno, prioritise the interests of the public, and focus on results, majority of Filipinos will suffer in mediocrity.

#SONA2019: Duterte demands more accountability from both public servants and the people they serve

President Rodrigo Duterte just became an honorary member of Get Real Philippines when he said “We are our own enemy” in this year’s State of the Nation Address (SONA). Indeed, it is the people who tolerate and perpetuate corruption that contribute to much of the problems of the Philippines. It’s not just the public servants who are to blame. It’s also the people who allow it to happen.

Duterte said there are cities in the Philippines without fire trucks. Meanwhile, what did former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III do with all the funds he diverted and renamed the “Disbursement Acceleration Program”? He probably used it for the 2016 Presidential elections. Former COMELEC chairman Andy Bautista could, perhaps, help enlighten us.

Duterte named former Dept of Foreign Affairs Sec Albert Del Rosario as the person responsible for convincing Aquino to back off when there was a naval standoff with China over disputed territory at Reed Bank. After that, China moved in quickly and stepped up occupation of the area.

Duterte’s SONA was devoted to highlighting the corruption and incompetence of public servants and government agencies. He also pointed to the public’s indifference and apathy, which is the reason why public servants get away with their criminal behaviour. Everyone is accountable.

Main difference between Noynoy’s and Duterte’s SONA: Noynoy made it look like everything was under control while Duterte admitted there is still a lot of work to be done and there is lots of room for improvement. He even admitted lots of mistakes were made in the first half of his term and that there is much to be learned from there that could be applied to the remainder of his term. Duterte emphasised that he alone is accountable for the outcome of the drug war.

Overall he exhibited both genuine humility and strong leadership in his report to Filipinos in this year’s SONA.

DFA diplomatic passport brouhaha proves Leni Robredo is “vice president” of the Yellows and NOT of all 100 million Filipinos

The supporters of current “vice president” Leni Robredo are coming to her rescue after Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin called her stupid. They are now trying to make her look like a “victim”. She may not have used derogatory terms but her actions were also disrespectful to Locsin.

In an ideal world, DFA Sec Teddy Boy Locsin shouldn’t have called her “boba” or stupid. But also in an ideal world, Leni shouldn’t be berating another member of the executive branch via the media. She should be discussing her views during a meeting or in private.

If there is one thing the yellows are good at, for their part, it’s playing the victim card. It doesn’t matter to them how many times they called Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte names and tried to seek foreign intervention to help oust him. The minute one of their own is called out for being stupid, they cry foul.

The recent exchange of unpleasantness between two top-level members of the executive branch of government highlights how problematic the Cory constitution is for Filipinos. The fact that a VP from the Opposition was voted in promotes dysfunctional behaviour. All Leni does is criticise the government all of which is lapped up by her cheering squad as best exemplified by this gem from “social media influencer” Noemi Dado

The fate of 22 fishermen involved in the Recto Bank incident is more important than the tirades of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr., Vice President Leni Robredo […] this is class

No. The fate of over 100 million Filipinos is more important than Leni’s political career. Trouble is, Robredo doesn’t look out for the majority. She is “vice president” of the Yellows first before all the rest. She only latches on to trending issues or controversies and use these as fodder against Duterte before the cameras hoping to rile up the public against him. It’s high time the Opposition come up with a better strategy than that stupid approach.

Rather than act and position herself like a damsel in distress Leni Robredo should be BADASS

A “vice president” is supposed to lead courageously. But instead of stepping up to be that bold leader, Leni Robredo is settling into the comfy embrace of her supporters who are treating her like a damsel in distress.

This is not the sort of leader Filipinos need. For 30 years the “suffering servant” persona of Yellowtard politicians dominated the popular archetype of “decency”. Not surprisingly this whole charade eventually fell flat on its face and lost the once formidable Yellowtard bloc an entire nation.

Nonetheless, Robredo is the “vice president” and is not paid to talk. She’s paid to be ready to take over as president in the event Duterte is incapacitated. The question is, can she lead the Filipino people? Damsels in distress don’t lead, unfortunately. They just whine and crave sympathy as a matter of habit.

Leni Robredo’s dumb statements about Chinese tourist ‘taho’ incident an embarrassment to Filipinos

Yellows like Leni Robredo are creating a national issue over something trivial. In fact, they even want to create a diplomatic row with China over the bad behaviour of a Chinese tourist who acted on her own. Throwing taho is not part of Chinese government policy. Leni Robredo & Co make it look like it is.

According to a Manila Bulletin report Robredo even insisted that “the Chinese woman who threw a soybean curd drink was ‘disrespectful’ not only to the police officer, but also to the country.”

Leni is an embarrassment to the world. What a shame Filipinos have to suffer because she can’t keep her mouth shut. Now the Chinese ambassador had to issue a statement it was an isolated incident. But of course! Leni and her supporters just saw an opportunity to play victim.

Such is the uncalled-for outrage that Chinese ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua has weighed in on the matter.

“All Chinese here in the Philippines should abide by local regulations and laws,” Jianhua said in a text message.

He added that the incident was an isolated case and “should be treated as such.”

Filipinos will have to learn to isolate core issues and regard them in proper perspective. This incident has shown that they cannot rely on so-called “thought leaders” like Opposition leader and presumptive “vice president” Leni Robredo for wisdom in times of confusion. As is evident now, Robredo misguided Filipinos and incited xenophobia rather than encourage circumspection.

Leni clearly doesn’t have any diplomatic skills. She’s only using every opportunity to get back at the Duterte govt. She’s a disgrace!

Yellowtards are praying for Duterte’s death. But do they have a plan if that prayer is answered?

For a bunch of people who can’t stand the sight of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s face, the Yellowtards seem to be so obsessed about his whereabouts. The interesting thing about this behaviour is that many of these bozos have expressed veiled wishes that Duterte would not show up at all — in short, they wish he’d be dead soon.

Fair enough. The Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition have not much in their political strategy beyond seizing power by that hoped-for attrition, whether it be by impeachment, prosecution, ouster, or, in this latest case, death. But, as usual, the Yellowtards fail to provide an answer to the obvious simple question: What next?

What next if, indeed, their wish comes true and Duterte dies? “Vice president” Leni Robredo? Is Robredo the Opposition’s strategy?

The question then turns to what Robredo’s vision for the Philippines is. What is Robredo’s vision for the country? Has Robredo ever articulated such a vision much less a strategy to achieve that vision? So far, there is little evidence that she did or has one floating around her little brain.

Perhaps Duterte could die before his term ends. That just puts a bit more scrutiny on the leadership chops Robredo would, in that unfortunate event, be bringing to Malacanang.