Instead of finding their next WINNABLE leader, the Opposition are wasting time on trolling

It’s all well and good that the current Philippine Opposition are doing their darndest to be “critical” of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. The trouble is, they’re not doing too well in that activity and this is because they continue to allow themselves to be led by the Yellowtards.

Worse, while they waste time on their lame obstructionist rhetoric, they continue to neglect an important activity — choosing a winnable leader. Elections after all are just around the corner and all the Yellowtards have to show as far as a “leader” is concerned is their beloved “vice president” Leni Robredo.

They never learn, indeed. Even with an eight-strong coalition of Yellowtards enjoying the strong backing of Big Corporate Media, the communists, chi chi private school “Netizens”, and the mighty Roman Catholic Church, the Opposition still suffered a catastrophic electoral defeat in 2019.

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The fact about the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution that the Yellowtards seem to be forgetting is that to gain power in a “democracy”, you first need to win an election.

The Opposition need to act now and find themselves a leader who can string together a decent sentence in either straight English or straight Tagalog. Taglish may be cute for a while, but it wears thin quickly as Filipinos feel more and more insulted by the false maka-masa stunts of colegialas like Leni Robredo. Time to start to re-learn the Lost art of winning an election. It may be too late, but there is still time — time for the Opposition to ditch the dysfunctional leadership of the Yellowtards.

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