Cory Aquino exploited Filipino emotionalism to become president then set up the Philippines for disaster

“Vice president” Leni Robredo disagrees with President Rodrigo Duterte’s opinion of ex-Pres. Cory Aquino — that the latter only became popular after former Senator Ninoy Aquino died. But of course Robredo would disagree. She herself only became popular after her own husband died. She’s also delusional like Cory. She has delusions of grandeur.

A lot of people agree in hindsight that Cory should never have been installed as President because, one, she stayed in Boston for years and did not have the residency in the Philippines required to qualify. Two, she didn’t have a platform nor policy to bring the country from Third World to First.

Those who pushed Cory to run were simply emotional and did not think about the consequences of putting up someone inexperienced to run a country. The result was a disaster that lasted for more than 30 years. Her Presidency set the country back and continues to trail our ASEAN neighbors to this day.

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