Public transport CATASTROPHIC failure for Filipino masses as Manila responds to COVID-19 pandemic!

Very few options are available to Filipinos caught in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is likely that the economic effects of the response to the outbreak will be far more severe than its effects on public health. Photos being shared over social media show Metro Manila’s residents struggling with overburdened public transport infrastructure. […]

The law is not a good basis to not open private subdivisions to public access

In his column today published on the Inquirer, Artemio V. Panganiban goes at length to cite all sorts of quaint Philippine laws to arrive at this quaint conclusion… Given these emphatic rulings, the government may not forcefully open gated subdivisions to public traffic without giving due respect to the villagers’ right to regulate passage therein. […]

Grace Poe’s proposal to have “business class” coaches on Metro trains is downright stupid

Seriously? “Business class” for light rail trains? But that’s exactly what Senator Grace Poe is proposing… Poe raised this suggestion during the Senate hearing for the 2020 budget of the Department of Transportation (DOTr), saying that those who will ride these premium train coaches may pay P200 to P300, which is higher than the normal […]

Ordinary Filipinos offer a wealth of ideas on how to solve Manila’s traffic disaster

I posted ‪some ideas to solve the traffic gridlock on Facebook and I am heartened by the outpouring of more ideas sent through by commenters. The following is the initial list I posted: ‪1. Limit or ban privately-owned buses.‬ They should be government-operated. ‪2. Get rid of the jeepneys.‬ ‪3. Open the gated communities for […]

Why #WalangPasok becomes a trending hashtag in the Philippines every now and then

The #WalangPasok hashtag “trends” on Twitter every now and then because it’s one of those flypaper “issues” that sheeplike Filipinos flock to whenever it rains. Rain makes the news in the Philippines, apparently. Whenever that happens, Filipinos find it hard to decide for themselves whether or not to go to work or school. They’d rather […]