Why #WalangPasok becomes a trending hashtag in the Philippines every now and then

The #WalangPasok hashtag “trends” on Twitter every now and then because it’s one of those flypaper “issues” that sheeplike Filipinos flock to whenever it rains.

Rain makes the news in the Philippines, apparently. Whenever that happens, Filipinos find it hard to decide for themselves whether or not to go to work or school. They’d rather wait for someone to decide for them.

So for a people so distrustful of their institutions, it is quite interesting that so many bozos in the Philippines get so hung up about when or if an official #WalangPasok announcement gets issued whenever it rains.

Simply looking out the window would have been enough to make such a simple decision. If the streets are flooded and traffic is at a standstill then, duh, don’t leave home. Manila is also quite predictable with regard to what happens when it rains. A five minute continuous downpour is usually enough to flood most Manila streets. So a good sign of trouble is, you guessed it, at least five minutes of continuous heavy rain.

There really is no reason why #WalangPasok needs to be such a big deal. Then again, in the Philippines, any bozo in a religious robe or a nice shiny suit can make a pronouncement and it becomes gospel truth.

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