The proposed Human Rights Defenders Protection Act is a useless redundant self-serving law

Why discriminate in the dispensation of justice in favour of “activists” and “journalists”? This is what proponents of a new law that adds favour to the “plight” of “human rights defenders” need to answer. It seems they are proposing a law that is completely redundant

According to the explanatory note of the Makabayan bloc, human rights defenders are subjected to different kinds of harassment and threats. These include:


Death threats

Abductions and kidnappings

Arbitrary arrest and detention

Defamation campaigns

Filing of trumped-up charges

Many groups also emphasized that these attacks do not only target the defenders themselves, but also extend to their families. This aims to act as a way to prevent them from continuing with their works to spare their loved ones from the harassment.

Worse, this proposed law is discriminatory. Aren’t all of these types of attacks against people already punishable under existing Philippine laws? If so, it would seem that the proposed law that favours “human rights defenders” is discriminatory as it puts undue priority on the cases involving “human rights defenders” at the expense of cases of other Filipinos who have equal rights to attention as victims of what are essentially the same crimes.

The Makabayan Bloc propose a law that aims to discriminate in favour of certain people on the basis of their chosen type of activism.

People need to question why these people think some ought to be given extra special treatment under this new law. All Filipinos should be equal under the law and shouldn’t be entitled to special treatment just because they are “human rights defenders”.

Leni Robredo shows lack of faith in Filipinos by seeking foreign intervention into Philippine affairs

Once again “vice president” Leni Robredo proves that she never was part of the Philippine government. Rather than set an example to the Filipino people by exhibiting faith in the ability of their country, their government, and their institutions to sort out its own domestic problems, Robredo shows a sick inclination to reach out to the devices of former colonial masters.

It totally escapes Robredo just how inappropriate her words are in reportedly calling for a foreign “human rights council” to meddle in what is clearly the jurisdiction of a Philippine court as well as every institution involved in the Philippines’ criminal justice system.

Kung totoo na walang human rights violations dito, bakit sasalungatin natin iyong imbestigasyon? Kasi ‘di ba, mas mabuti ngang pinapakita natin na wala tayong tinatago kaysa haharangin natin?

Robredo is, in effect, encouraging Filipinos to place their trust in a foreign entity, the United Nations Human Rights Council, to rule on what is clearly a case that can be resolved using their existing and hard-fought-for democratic institutions.

Robredo can’t seem to get past her scheming ways.

Perhaps it is indeed true. Robredo did not win the vice presidency in 2016 and is only in power thanks to the machinations of her partisan camp. This is evident in the attitude she exhibits towards her own people’s government.

Maria Ressa hobnobs with star “human rights” activists George and Amal Clooney!

The most recent social-climbing achievement of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is the bit of schmoozing she’s been doing with celebrity activists George and Amal Clooney she exhibits in a recent tweet

Ironic that up for “discussion” with the power couple is the issue of “rule of law”. Perhaps Ressa and her new friends should take a bit of time to recall what rule of law really means to Ressa’s real boss.

Back in 2015, Mrs Clooney stepped up to assist in an initiative to expose the Aquino government’s human rights abuses. Interestingly the key perpetrator of the human rights abuses being investigated was no less than then Justice Secretary Leila De Lima herself…

De Lima’s initial violation back then was in defying the Supreme Court’s temporary restraining order on the travel ban against Arroyo. De Lima even risked disbarment for ignoring the highest court’s order. Senator Miriam Santiago likewise questioned De Lima’s action citing the DOJ had no legal basis to issue a watch-list order against Arroyo since there was no pending case against the former President and was only a respondent in a joint DOJ Comelec investigation on electoral fraud at that time.

Evidently, rule of law meant nothing to De Lima who defied an order issued by no less than the Philippines’ Supreme Court!

Suffice to say, Ressa and De Lima are real partners in crime considering both are currently in big trouble with the law. Nonetheless, both continue to be engaged in a mutual back-patting love-in likely to distract people from the real charges they face. Even from jail, De Lima is all praises for the failed “social news network” CEO

Well, whatever floats their boat, one would suppose. For now, there is no fooling anyone else other than the folks within their little chi chi cliques the hierarchy within which the are clambering upwards as a matter of desperate priority.

SHOCKING! Opposition candidate Chel Diokno invites “more international pressure” to be applied to the Philippines!

Invited to speak at the Ministerial Segment of the UNODC’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Opposition candidate Chel Diokno expressed his goal of subjecting the Philippines to more international pressure

We do hope that the international community will continue to put pressure on the Philippine government to adhere to its commitments under international human rights instruments.

As if this weren’t enough of a shocking affront to Philippine sovereignty being invited by a politician aspiring to hold a seat in the Senate, Diokno adds that foreigners “influencing the way government operates” is something that he wants seen happen in his country!

The Opposition have truly gone bonkers. Imagine a Philippine Congress dominated by these traitors. It’s time Filipinos put their collective foot down and vote their will to be a truly free and independent nation.

Filipinos have lost confidence in “human rights” advocacy because the Yellowtards weaponised it for their political ends

According to “human rights” guy Caloy Conde, it is “shocking” that a survey revealed that Filipinos trust soldiers more than “human rights advocates”. In a tweet issued recently, Conde laments…

A jarring info I learned just now: the Filipino public trusts soldiers more than human rights advocates to have “true respect” for human rights.

That’s it. I’m going back to crocheting.

The trouble with the whole “human rights” advocate community is that they had made the really bad mistake of associating their “cause” with a specific clique of political partisans. It so happens too that the biggest bloc within this clique is made up of “thought leaders” of the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) and Filipino communists.

Suffice to say, these two groups had, over the last several decades, suffered multiple crises of credibility, relevance, and ideological consistency. Much of these crises were brought about by a foolish rallying around personalities and outrage fads rather than sustaining a rhetoric anchored on foundational thought.

Human rights, an otherwise noble doctrine imported from Western Europe has succumbed to Filipinos’ renowned Reverse Midas Touch Syndrome — yet another noble idea perverted beyond recognition.

Should Leila De Lima be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? This guy thinks so…

Tony La Viña writing for Rappler attempts to make a case for “senator” Leila De Lima to be considered for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize…

De Lima is already internationally recognized for her struggle for human rights under Duterte’s rule, for which reason she was imprisoned and continue to be persecuted using fake charges.

Definitely, this persecution for her single-handed challenge against Duterte’s drug war and EJK campaign as early as July of 2016, especially her subsequent incarceration, has put the world spotlight on the former Chairperson of the CHR and Secretary of Justice.

La Viña, however, forgets that De Lima was once in a position to advance the cause of “human rights” when she was head of the Commission on Human Rights under the administration of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. What happened then?

De Lima was also called out for the human rights violations she then pepretrated under the administration of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III against her former boss Arroyo when she had her travel rights restricted on no legal basis then ignored court orders to lift that order.

De Lima’s initial violation back then was in defying the Supreme Court’s temporary restraining order on the travel ban against Arroyo. De Lima even risked disbarment for ignoring the highest court’s order. Senator Miriam Santiago likewise questioned De Lima’s action citing the DOJ had no legal basis to issue a watch-list order against Arroyo since there was no pending case against the former President and was only a respondent in a joint DOJ Comelec investigation on electoral fraud at that time.

Should Leila De Lima be given the Nobel Peace Prize? Only a rabid Yellowtard would say yes to that.

Trillanes did not think of Filipino citizens’ rights when he led soldiers to destroy a civilian government

Funny the way “activists” in the Opposition now shriek about the “rights” mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes is now supposedly “entitled” to. Perhaps they should recall to a short time ago when Trillanes himself did not spare such similar thoughts to the Filipinos whose rights and very lives he put at risk when he sought to destroy a legitimately-elected civilian government.

The idea that one can take it upon himself to unilaterally decide what is good or bad for the Filipino is anathema to the sort of democracy Filipinos aspire to build and maintain. Trillanes and everything he stands for proposes a pathway that does not lead to that.

Democracy requires the discipline to allow checks-and-balances to work and for due process to transparently channel the people’s will. This is something Filipinos should learn to understand. Trillanes does not, in anyway, provide the light to guide Filipinos down that path to modern governance.

That Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos are free proves that the Yellowtards CANNOT be taken seriously

All of a sudden, Yellowtards are making a big deal about stuff Juan Ponce Enrile is saying. Dudes, you all had EVERY opportunity to throw him in jail for good back in 1986. Him and the other Martial Law villain Fidel Ramos.

See, this is the whole trouble with virtue signalling. The late former President Cory Aquino let both of these guys go supposedly in the spirit of “reconciliation”. She, in effect, squandered a brief period of “revolutionary” government under which she could have put these two in front of a firing squad without having to go through today’s red tape.

Unfortunately for the Yellowtards, Enrile’s and Ramos’s “human rights” are now protected under the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution. So tough luck. They can screech all they want about seeing Enrile’s head mounted on a stake before the Rizal Monument, but their smooth little “Laban” hands are now tied by the flaccid Constitution they supposedly like “defending”.

Here’s some advise to all you Yellowtards. Next time, kick ass rather than be the hypocritical prayerful snowflakes that you come across as today. That way, you get real and permanent results.