Whatever U2’s Bono Vox has to say about Philippine politics does not matter


What’s up with all the brouhaha surrounding what Bono, lead singer of Irish hit band U2, has to say about “human rights”? People don’t come to see him for his politics. They come to see him for his music. So Duterte supporters should chill and not make a big deal about his “human rights” parinigs. For their part, Yellowtards should stop hanging onto every word he utters like he’s some sort of Jesus Christ.

At the end of the day, Bono does not have the power to act on his position on issues in the Philippines. He’ll be out of there when he finishes his gig. And in his wake will be a bunch of Pinoys bickering over some little sound bytes teaser out of him by some wily “journalist”.

Filipino partisans should give themselves a bit more credit and pay themselves a bit more self respect. They don’t need an Irishman telling them what bozos like Maria Ressa and Jim Paredes already parrot to them. They should take a stand on the back of their own words and convictions.

Colonial mentality is such a pathetic trait ingrained in Philippine culture, and nowhere is this more evident in the way the Philippines’ wannabe liberals hang on the tails of celebrities who read off the same playbook. The Philippines needs a bit more independence, specially in thought. This means being original and not one to be inclined to defer to behaviours ingrained by centuries of colonial rule.

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