Yellow-led Philippine Opposition believe ALL of their political rivals are “human rights violators”


What we call flypaper issues are non-issues that so-called “activists” buzz about and, eventually, get stuck on. One such example is the latest Yellowtard buzz, the Magnitsky Act. The Yellowtards are now counting on the Western world to invoke this or enact similar acts within their jurisdictions to sanction people in the Third World perceived to be “human rights violators” by barring them from entry into their countries.

In the case of the Yellowtards, the core principle around which they base their presumption to be on the side of those who impose said sanctions is that all their political opponents are “human rights violators”. In effect, they see the Magnitsky Act as sort of a weapon that they now use to take aim at their political opponents.

Thus the treachery of the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition. They are acting like collaborators — pawns of former colonial masters who seek to persist in their influence over the affairs of their former subjects.

The weakness in the Yellowtards’ dependence on what they see to be the moral ascendancy of Europeans is their foolish assumption that Filipinos still look up to their former colonial masters for guidance. Whereas generations of nationalist activists have campaigned to encourage Filipinos to harbour thought that is independent of their imperial overlords, the Yellowtards seek to reverse all that and keep Filipinos addicted to European thinking further weakening any semblance of a true and independent national identity.

This is an astounding betrayal of an entire people’s aspirations to stand on their own two feet and take their place on the world stage as a true sovereign nation. It’s time Filipinos then their backs to the colonial mentality of the Yellowtards and embrace their own chosen approach to managing their own affairs.

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