Leni Robredo must pay the price if found guilty of sedition!

As expected, supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo are dismissing the recent charges of sedition against her as mere “harassment”. A group called “Team Philippines” are even mounting a petition to the Department of Justice to drop the charges. It seems these people feel sorry for Robredo because she looks like a damsel in distress […]

Legislating against cat-calling absolves Filipino parents of teaching their boys not to cat-call

The whole problem with men according women the respect they deserve is a problem of upbringing. Most adults are products of their upbringing. Raise them to be disrespectful and they grow up disrespectful. Indeed, implementing a law that specifically targets cat-calling completely misses the point. For one thing, the act of cat-calling as being disrespectful […]

#GilletteAd exploits misguided #MeToo “activist” anger over “unfair” gender differences

These “activists” want to see being a man made into a complicated enterprise — probably because being a woman is inherently complicated and, being so, women suffer from a bad case of simplicity envy. Back in the old days, men went out to hunt and so the skills we evolved were mainly around zeroing in […]

Activists’ ironic fall for Gillette “toxic male” ad spells mega-$$s for Procter and Gamble!

What the production team for the Gillette ad failed to understand: * Real men don’t like being told what to do. * You do not piss off your No. 1 customer. * Make your Ad about your product, not your personal advocacies. The fact is, consumers of Gillette’s disposable razors have long fallen for the […]

SJW views on #MissUniverse reveal a confused position on “diversity” issues

For one thing, beauty pageants are all about pageantry. They’re not really platforms for sound political or philosophical discourse. Yet, the way the participants in this year’s Miss Universe pageant are being turned into avatars of the broader “debate”, you’d think beauty pageants are such deep wells of intellectual insight. The current focus of today’s […]