What’s so wrong with cat-calling?

Both men and women do it. The question is, who really gets offended? Perhaps many of the older “activists” who champion the cause of legislating against cat-calling are doing so on behalf of those who get cat-called a lot. Maybe it’s time the question of whether this practice is offensive or not should be directed to those who cop it the most — attractive women.

I asked a few and the common theme that emerged is that advances such as cat-calling are ok as long as the one making them backs off as soon as they receive signals that these are unwanted. Most agreed that when cat-calls are issued by an attractive person, it is often flattering. In fact, many admit that the worst thing about getting older is becoming progressively invisible to the opposite sex.

Perhaps then it is possible that those who are so hung up about cat-calling are those who don’t get much of it. That’s certainly an interesting thesis to explore.

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