Activists’ ironic fall for Gillette “toxic male” ad spells mega-$$s for Procter and Gamble!

What the production team for the Gillette ad failed to understand:

* Real men don’t like being told what to do.
* You do not piss off your No. 1 customer.
* Make your Ad about your product, not your personal advocacies.

The fact is, consumers of Gillette’s disposable razors have long fallen for the old — but highly-effective — marketing trick of selling “lifestyles” around a product that had been reduced to a mere commodity in a mature market.

This brouhaha around that anti- “toxic male” strawman is just that. In fact, like “millennial” and all the Gen X, Y, and other category labels, “toxic male” has become just another marketing notion used in the clever ads of dishonest corporations.

It is ironic that snowflake activists have fallen for what has turned out to be nothing more than a successful publicity stunt by Procter and Gamble CORPORATION.

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