Opposition “thought leader” @MrFrankBaraan calls Filipino voters “SUPER BOBO”, asks them to not vote next time!

The Opposition continue their orgy of soul searching following their massive defeat in this year’s selection. So far it seems it hasn’t dawned on them that they were beaten because of the bad behaviour of their very own social media “influencers”.

In a recent tweet, top woke Yellowtard “influencer” Francis Baraan IV expresses what he really thinks of Filipino voters…

Perhaps Baraan needs to appreciate the reality that an overwhelming majority of Filipino voters voted against his personal wishes. Baraan needs to grow up and respect the outcome of a legitimate political exercise.

It is indeed unfortunate for the Opposition that their leading coalition, the Otso Diretso gang were composed of candidates too inexperienced to realise that their foolish dependence on supporters like Baraan would prove fatal to their bid for Senate seats.

According to the Yellowtard @MrFrankBaraan, Twitter users are smart “fact checkers” and Facebook users are stupid trolls!

In a recent tweet, the self-described “human rights activist” and “democracy advocate” issued his assessment of the intelligence of members of the two big social media platforms…

Not only is he calling Facebook users stupid, he is also accusing them of being paid hacks funded by Filipino taxpayers.

One wonders a very basic wonder… Does Frank Baraan IV have proof to back his assertions?

Perhaps Baraan fails to see the irony in his statements — words that have, themselves, not been subject to a proper fact check even by himself.

Interestingly enough, there continues a persistent mystery surrounding the possible involvement of his father, Francisco Baraan the Third, in the thriving drug trade in the Philippines. Indeed the questions continue to be asked… Was he really involved in drug trafficking at the New Bilibid Prisons?

Lots of disturbing questions surrounding former Undersecretary Francisco Baraan III remain unanswered to this day.

Considering a quaint cottage industry of so-called “fact checkers” has sprung up all over the Philippines’ social media scene, no facts have actually emerged to clarify this matter.

According to @MrFrankBaraan, HOPE in a better Philippines lies in Filipino CELEBRITIES!

In a recent tweet, social media “influencer” Frank Baraan yet again exhibited the very reason why the Philippines continues to fail to progress…

Agot Isidro
Regine Velasquez
Bianca Gonzales
Enchong Dee
Dingdong Dantes

5 Pinoy celeb entertainers, who aren’t actually afraid to speak their minds, to call out greedy politicians & arrogant public officials, & to criticize & challenge a divisive, bloodthirsty despot.


Conveniently forgetting that popular noontime shows like Eat Bulaga and the now-defunct Wowowee franchise of Willie Revillame served to dumb down generations of Filipinos for decades, it seems Baraan applies that all-too-familiar selective activism in his choice of modern-day Filipino heroes.

According to @MrFrankBaraan, Catholic priests have authority to summarily JUDGE people as “evil”

Here is what the popular Yellowtard social media personality said on Twitter

I’ve talked to a lot of priests, some include bishops. They’ve been telling how much they detest Duterte’s blatant disrespect & sacrilegious comments about the Catholic Church, his blanket accusations against all priests, & his cursing of the Pope.


Ironic, considering it is the Yellowtards who keep drumming up fear of a “looming dictatorship” ad nauseum. Does such a threat to the free liberal world actually exist?

Perhaps it already does, but not in the form the Yellowtards would like us to believe. Baraan’s consultation with and rabid trust in the pronouncements of a bunch of men in robes harks back to far darker and badder days.

Back during the Inquisition, a priest could simply point at a random peasant and declare him or her a “heretic” or “blasphemer” — pretty much a sentence to a horrific death back in those times.

“Looming dictatorship”? It’s actually worse. Working in a tight perverse relationship with the Roman Catholic Church, the Yellowtards seemingly are in the throes of implementing a modern-day Inquisition. It ain’t a pretty sight.

Yellowtards like @MrFrankBaraan are not qualified to make comments about inflation. Or ANYTHING about economics.

Famous Filipino singer Lea Salonga recently issued a sensible take on the anger Filipinos supposedly feel about high inflation rates being reported nowadays. This opinion was cited in an Inquirer report

“You gotta wonder, we’re angry about this, we have to see if it’s happened in previous administrations before and if we got angry then, too. And if it happened before and you didn’t get angry, you might have to examine why that is.”

Not surprisingly, the response coming from Yellowtards was typical — quick to slap a partisan label on Salonga’s response rather than apply a bit of brain to understanding what she was actually saying.

This sort of primitive thinking applied to what is an otherwise sensible opinion on the subject was exemplified in a tweet quoted in that report coming from prominent Yellowtard social media personality Francis Baraan IV…

Dear @MsLeaSalonga,

Is this a thinly veiled support for Marcos & Duterte? Aquino admin is the past.


Whether or not we inflation rate was high during Aquino time, is now totally immaterial & irrelevant.

This despite much evidence that the inflation rate besetting the Philippine economy today is an outcome of many factors. This was highlighted in a previous Inquirer editorial Global Headwinds

It’s true that the government had been trying to reverse the path of inflation back to the original target of 2-4 percent for 2018. However, events beyond its control — the typhoon’s damage to agricultural crops, for instance — made it more difficult to bring down prices.

The article went on to describe the most sensible approach to combatting inflation…

Economists expect the impact of monetary measures being undertaken by the BSP (mainly raising interest rates to curb consumption by discouraging people to borrow and spend these on cars and other consumer items), and nonmonetary measures such as lifting restrictions on the importation of rice and other food items, to begin showing results by 2019 yet.

Indeed, this is consistent to what I proposed in my article The REAL solution to inflation lies in the rich and middle classes curbing NON-ESSENTIAL spending where I wrote…

If a large enough number of rich and upper middle class people do this, they could potentially exert downward pressure on prices. Eat less rice and prices of rice go down. Drive less and consume less fuel and they can bring fuel retailers to their knees. Turn off their air-conditioners and the grid will be awash with excess capacity. Buy less $200 sneakers, and less foreign currency will be horded by retail barons to pay for container-loads of products that are irrelevant to the poor.

So you see, the Yellowtards don’t really know anything about inflation. Or anything about economics for that matter. It is best that their quaint views on the subject be ignored.