According to @MrFrankBaraan, HOPE in a better Philippines lies in Filipino CELEBRITIES!

In a recent tweet, social media “influencer” Frank Baraan yet again exhibited the very reason why the Philippines continues to fail to progress…

Agot Isidro
Regine Velasquez
Bianca Gonzales
Enchong Dee
Dingdong Dantes

5 Pinoy celeb entertainers, who aren’t actually afraid to speak their minds, to call out greedy politicians & arrogant public officials, & to criticize & challenge a divisive, bloodthirsty despot.


Conveniently forgetting that popular noontime shows like Eat Bulaga and the now-defunct Wowowee franchise of Willie Revillame served to dumb down generations of Filipinos for decades, it seems Baraan applies that all-too-familiar selective activism in his choice of modern-day Filipino heroes.

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