How does Opposition “influencer” @MrFrankBaraan find the time to block 3900 “trolls”?


It’s interesting that Yellowtards like Opposition “influencer” Frank Baraan insist that they are up against a “troll army” yet try to “fight” them using methods that don’t make sense when dealing with swarm-type forces. Then again, seeing that their lot had forgotten how to win elections, it is not surprising that they fail to find innovative solutions to their problems. In the case of Baraan, he seems to have found the time to click or tap on the “block” button no less than 3,900 times as of this writing!

Perhaps it is time Mr Baraan chill a bit, go offline, and take stock of the real and beautiful world out there he may be missing. There are better ways to deal with “troll armies”. One obvious way is to evaluate the assumption that everyone who challenges your cherished belief system on social media is a “troll”. The trouble with the Yellowtards is that they dismiss as “trolls” anyone who responds with a valid counterargument to their cherished views. That’s not a very smart way to engage people whose votes you need to convert to your side.

Perhaps the reason the Opposition continues to fail to win elections is because of people like Frank Baraan who, to his credit, commands a massive following on social media. Unfortunately for the embattled Opposition, Baraan is inadvertently using that influence to undermine the very movement he presumes to support. That’s quite tragic in a funny way. For that matter, the way the Yellowtards have all but forgotten the important art of winning elections is quite laughable.

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