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Opposition “thought leader” @MrFrankBaraan calls Filipino voters “SUPER BOBO”, asks them to not vote next time!

The Opposition continue their orgy of soul searching following their massive defeat in this year’s selection. So far it seems it hasn’t dawned on them that they were beaten because of the bad behaviour of their very own social media “influencers”.

In a recent tweet, top woke Yellowtard “influencer” Francis Baraan IV expresses what he really thinks of Filipino voters…

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Perhaps Baraan needs to appreciate the reality that an overwhelming majority of Filipino voters voted against his personal wishes. Baraan needs to grow up and respect the outcome of a legitimate political exercise.

It is indeed unfortunate for the Opposition that their leading coalition, the Otso Diretso gang were composed of candidates too inexperienced to realise that their foolish dependence on supporters like Baraan would prove fatal to their bid for Senate seats.

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