Why is @MrFrankBaraan defending the TERRORIST New People’s Army?

Top Yellowtard “influencer” Frank Baraan is outraged that the photos of Filipino students who joined the terrorist arm of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the New People’s Army (NPA) are making the rounds on social media.

According to Baraaan, these students shouldn’t be portrayed as “dangerous traitors”.

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What is baffling about his position on the matter is that the NPA is, indeed, a terrorist organisation and, as such, it follows that those who join its ranks are complicit in that terrorism.

Indeed, a Stanford University report describes the history and capacity for deadly violence of the NPA and its combatants…

In February 1971, [CPP founder Jose Maria] Sison met with CPP-NPA Central Committee members to discuss his plan to attack a Manila rally of the Liberal Party, which opposed President Marcos. The purpose of the attack was to provoke another government crackdown and ideally gain support for the CPP-NPA. On August 21, three CPP-NPA members threw four grenades onstage at the rally in Manila’s Plaza Miranda before fleeing the city to a CPP-NPA camp.

The same Stanford report describes current party-list group Bayan Muna as “a political party connected to the CPP and other groups in the Communist movement.” According to an ABS-CBN News report Bayan Muna is part of the Makaybayan bloc of left-leaning party-lists that include “Gabriela, Kabataan, Anakpawis, Migrante, and Alliance of Concerned Teachers.”

Mr Baraan should learn to practice a bit of circumspection when issuing his shrill tweets of outrage before his enormous following of Yellowtards. He is bound to mislead many of them and make them tolerant of what is, plain and simple, bald terrorism perpetrated in broad daylight.

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