We need a healthier attitude towards failure

The Philippine Opposition after having failed to win in this year’s elections are in a good position to learn from this failure. But to do that, they need to learn how to stop blaming failure for their failure. A Twitter user recently lamented how “if Otso Diretso won, we would have a more progressive Senate”. This illustrates the whole trouble with the current Opposition. That’s just short of saying that the key to success lies exclusively in Opposition politicians.

The Opposition are essentially saying that the Philippines will fail because their people are not in power. See, this is not a very constructive way to participate in a democracy. When one makes a bid for power through elections, one needs to apply a bit of humility to the undertaking and realise that all the effort put into the campaign goes only as far as pitching a proposal to Filipino voters. If the proposal is rejected in favour of another, that only means Filipinos favour a path to success different to what you propose.

In short, Filipinos have seen success in their choice of people to fill 12 Senate seats this year. Who’s to say they are wrong? Apparently many Opposition “thought leaders” presume to be an authority on who and what is right for Filipinos. That is not in the spirit of the democracy they supposedly advocate.

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