Sharon Cuneta reveals her insecurity when she brags about her wealth

Sharon Cuneta’s behaviour is very disturbing. She started off defending her daughter Kakie Pangilinan from critics, eventually went berserk and did a roll call of all her powerful connections just to hunt down an online troll and now is displaying irrational behaviour by bragging about being wealthy. It is bizarre that Cuneta complains about people’s […]

Regine Velasquez video proves that rich people think poor people stink!

It’s one thing having a collection of expensive bags exhibited on a YouTube channel, but some people believe Filipino singer a.k.a. “Asia’s Songbird” Regine Velasquez went a bit too far when she likened an unpleasant smell coming from one of her recent acquisitions to a slum community known as the Payatas. In the video, Velasquez […]

Social media consumer influencer @RodMagaru: Are his political tweets a breach of his product endorsement contracts?

Much has been said about the possibility that Queen of All Philippine Media Kris Aquino may have put at risk her mega-million peso product endorsement deals by being revealed as a possible source of funds for the Facebook “boosts” Pinoy Ako Blog personality Jover Laurio has been enjoying. So one wonders then, are such contract […]

If Filipinos want to fight inflation, they should BOYCOTT Christmas

The enemy of high prices is surplus supply and weak demand. Consumers have power over the latter. Stop buying useless trinkets and demand drops, inventories soar, and prices collapse. It is therefore easy and painless to bring traders and retailers to their knees and force them to update the outrageous price tags on their goods […]

Yellowtards like @MrFrankBaraan are not qualified to make comments about inflation. Or ANYTHING about economics.

Famous Filipino singer Lea Salonga recently issued a sensible take on the anger Filipinos supposedly feel about high inflation rates being reported nowadays. This opinion was cited in an Inquirer report… “You gotta wonder, we’re angry about this, we have to see if it’s happened in previous administrations before and if we got angry then, […]