If Filipinos want to fight inflation, they should BOYCOTT Christmas


The enemy of high prices is surplus supply and weak demand. Consumers have power over the latter. Stop buying useless trinkets and demand drops, inventories soar, and prices collapse.

It is therefore easy and painless to bring traders and retailers to their knees and force them to update the outrageous price tags on their goods and services. Simply stop buying excessively.

Christmas is a good opportunity to implement this simple solution to galloping inflation. Retailers stock up massively and queue up orders in preparation for the much-awaited Christmas rush. This is the time for consumers to strike and exact their revenge. With inventories piling up, a surprise crash in demand will send retailers on a frenzy to dispose of this stock at rock-bottom prices.

Simply postponing Christmas spending to January and February will do the trick. The carrying cost of inventory and the massive amounts of working capital tied up in stocks will send retailers reeling. Consumers win double. They get to keep their Christmas bonuses unspent, avoid the stress of Christmas traffic, and get to buy their stuff at HUGE discounts on off-peak months.

Now is the time to Boycott Christmas and save the poor from preventable price inflation!

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