Regine Velasquez video proves that rich people think poor people stink!

It’s one thing having a collection of expensive bags exhibited on a YouTube channel, but some people believe Filipino singer a.k.a. “Asia’s Songbird” Regine Velasquez went a bit too far when she likened an unpleasant smell coming from one of her recent acquisitions to a slum community known as the Payatas.

In the video, Velasquez quipped “Ka-amoy ‘yong bag ko ang Payatas..” (“My bag smells like the Payatas”).

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To be fair, if Velasquez was referring to a stench in associating this odor to the Payatas, she is very likely right. The Payatas, after all, is a dump site around which an impoverished urban community grew composed of people who make a living picking through its refuse.

As such, did she have to issue an apology?

I would like to sincerely apologize to the people of Payatas for my insensitive comment. It was not intentional and I should be more careful with the things I say. Pasensya na po God bless bless po😊

Perhaps so, considering that the Filipino masses and the “woke” private school set constitute the bulk of the market for Velasquez’s recordings and concert receipts. It’s just business. And, very likely, that goes the same for her “apology”.

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