US withdrawal from Afghanistan a wake up call to Philippines — time to deal with their old fair-weather “friend”!

Members of the Philippines’ military-hating Opposition groups (and their communist chums) should read this Nikkei Asia piece “Asia’s US partners must work better together on defense” written by William Bratton. Bratton, citing recent events in Afghanistan, writes about how “America has a rich tradition of discarding allegiances once they are no longer important to its […]

Admin 2022 Senate ticket should include Mark Cojuangco to push nuclear power development

Carpio’s statements about the service contract for the Reed/Recto Bank dovetails with the analysis presented by former Ambassador Bobi Tiglao in his Manila Times column “Salim (aka MVP), Razon, Ongpin’s project behind Aquino’s discord with China” today. Retired Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio is clearly lawyering for the oligarchs who hold the service contract for […]

Justice Carpio backs out from debate fearing possible Scarborough Shoal fiasco fallout

It’s really not surprising that retired Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio would seize an opportunity to himself back out from the debate on the Scarborough Shoal fiasco… Response of J Carpio on Debate with President Duterte President Duterte personally and publicly challenged me to a debate on the West Philippine Sea issue. He said that […]

The Philippines needs a CREDIBLE military to protect its South China Sea interests

Opposition coalition group 1Sambayan should read this article published by the Cato Institute, “The Philippines: America’s Perpetually Useless Ally” by Doug Bandow. Bandow issues a contrarian opinion on the strategic value of the Philippines to the US in the region which China is now trying to dominate. Indeed, some things never change. One is the […]

False Philippine claim to Whitsun Reef resources led to Chiara Zambrano “banca” stunt

Bobi Tiglao’s Manila Times column today lends credence to that staged chase between the “banca” of Chiara Zambrano and the Chinese Navy fast attack boat but I don’t think that the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and the Secretary of National Defense are deliberately sabotaging the President by painting him in a corner. Nonetheless Tiglao asserts […]

Joma Sison’s dishonest leadership left the Communist Party of the Philippines its “legal fronts” and the New People’s Army ideologically CONFUSED

Someone should write a book about the communist cadres who were given asylum in China after the declaration of martial law in 1972. Aside from now Philippine Ambassador to China Chito Sta. Romana, it’s only now that the name of Mario Miclat surfaced. F. Sionil Jose writes about Miclat who recently passed away at the […]

Chiara Zambrano WPS stunt highlights the DISHONESTY of ABS-CBN “journalism”

Following up on John Mangun’s editorial the other day about how journalists in the practice of their profession have forgotten the basic tenets or disregarded the same… Journalism has deteriorated to the point that it is often unrecognizable from propaganda and disinformation. Investigative journalism used to start with “Let’s see where this leads us.” Currently, […]

The #coronavirus may cause a bit of worry, but the real DEADLY disease is Yellowtardism

The venerable Bulgar reports that a major Manila university is urging its ethnic Chinese students to desist from attending classes. (Photo credit: @PinoyTapsilog) Such is the fear and loathing propagated by members and “thought leaders” of the Philippines’ Yellowtard-led Opposition. Since Day One, they had been exploiting the panic they themselves had caused over the […]

Report by the Philippine Coast Guard paves way for action on Reed Bank “ramming” incident!

The Inquirer highlights the key message of the report… By failing to extend assistance, the Chinese vessel failed to comply with the regulations of the United Nation Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), which obliges masters of ships to provide assistance […]

Duterte’s foreign policy “PURELY EMBARASSING” according to @Richeydarian!

This statement tweeted by Richard Heydarian is proof that this self-appointed “thought leader” is partisan. As a political pundit, one should just be telling it like it is. Usually travel half of the year round the world for talks and lectures. Honestly, explaining DUTERTE FOREIGN POLICY these days is… just purely embarassing 🙈 To be […]