Admin 2022 Senate ticket should include Mark Cojuangco to push nuclear power development

Carpio’s statements about the service contract for the Reed/Recto Bank dovetails with the analysis presented by former Ambassador Bobi Tiglao in his Manila Times column “Salim (aka MVP), Razon, Ongpin’s project behind Aquino’s discord with China” today. Retired Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio is clearly lawyering for the oligarchs who hold the service contract for Reed/Recto Bank.

Using the need to recover Scarborough as an excuse, the Aquino regime in January 2013, filed its arbitration suit against China. While it asked the arbitral panel 15 issues, the suit was the Carpio-advised scheme to get it to order China to allow the Voyager and Philippine-authorized entities to extract natural gas in the Reed Bank. It alleged the Chinese basis for banning such enterprises was its claim its “nine-dash line” encompasses that area. This, however, is wrong, as China claims the Reed Bank on the ground it is within its Nansha archipelago (Spratly) is its sovereign territory.

A book which lawyer Carpio appears to have bankrolled as it portrays him to be the patriotic brains of the arbitration, implied a few months after the Reed Bank incident, he “drafted a seven-page confidential memo, titled ‘Proposed Philippine Strategy in the Spratly Dispute’ which he gave to del Rosario.” It proposed a suit be filed against China to force it to allow the triad to extract gas in the Reed Bank.

Yet, here is ABS-CBN giving air time to Carpio’s claims that “Duterte’s recent statements on the West Philippine Sea can be considered a betrayal of public trust & national interest, and can therefore be considered an impeachable offense.”

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The solution to our need for a cheaper energy source is what former Congressman Mark Cojuangco has been advocating for which is the commissioning of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP). Foreign investors have less preference for the Philippines as an investment destination because of the high cost of power and labor. The administration Senatorial ticket should be composed of personalities like Cojuangco who have extensive knowledge, common sense and are also capable of out-of-the-box solutions to address the needs of foreign investors.

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