The #coronavirus may cause a bit of worry, but the real DEADLY disease is Yellowtardism


The venerable Bulgar reports that a major Manila university is urging its ethnic Chinese students to desist from attending classes.

(Photo credit: @PinoyTapsilog)

Such is the fear and loathing propagated by members and “thought leaders” of the Philippines’ Yellowtard-led Opposition. Since Day One, they had been exploiting the panic they themselves had caused over the novel coronavirus outbreak to further their agenda to seize power illegally. Part of this dishonest campaign is to continuously blame Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte for the outbreak and to call for his ouster using the hashtag #OustDuterte which they had artificially “trended” on Twitter using a concerted tweeting frenzy. Worse, they are creating an atmosphere of xenophobia directed at hapless ethnic Chinese residents in the Philippines.

The irresponsible behaviour of the Opposition is causing unnecessary panic in the Philippines and making even administrators of institutions of learning jittery. Filipinos deserve a better Opposition than this — one that is able to lead rather than agitate.

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