Desperately latching onto Catriona Gray: a sign that the Opposition are losing!

With no constructive proposition to Filipino voters on offer and the infrastructure of its Demolition Campaign against the Duterte government in a spiral of self-destruction, the Opposition are hard-pressed to raise their brand equity by the bootstraps in the few remaining months of the 2019 election campaign. Interestingly the volume of air time being given […]


Raissa Robles SAVAGELY BURNED on Twitter after politicising Catriona Gray’s #MissUniverse win

After a display of awe-insping beauty on the outside and the inside following Miss Philippines Catriona Gray winning the 2018 Miss Universe title comes an astounding exhibit of ugliness on the inside and on the outside. God’s other Gift to Philippine Journalism, Raissa Robles does not waste time when it comes to politicising what would […]

SJW views on #MissUniverse reveal a confused position on “diversity” issues

For one thing, beauty pageants are all about pageantry. They’re not really platforms for sound political or philosophical discourse. Yet, the way the participants in this year’s Miss Universe pageant are being turned into avatars of the broader “debate”, you’d think beauty pageants are such deep wells of intellectual insight. The current focus of today’s […]