Raissa Robles SAVAGELY BURNED on Twitter after politicising Catriona Gray’s #MissUniverse win

After a display of awe-insping beauty on the outside and the inside following Miss Philippines Catriona Gray winning the 2018 Miss Universe title comes an astounding exhibit of ugliness on the inside and on the outside.

God’s other Gift to Philippine Journalism, Raissa Robles does not waste time when it comes to politicising what would normally have been an event that all Filipinos could celebrate…

When @catrionaelisa comes home, I wonder if a reporter would dare to ask her – Your heart goes out to the children of Tondo. How do you feel about children from Tondo becoming ‘collateral damage’ in the President’s war on drugs? Do you agree they should be treated as such?

Indeed, perhaps a reporter should ask that question. But coming from Robles who presents a stark contrast to the articulate grace and fresh cultural symbol Filipinos are constantly searching for, the otherwise reasonable message gets lost.

If the Opposition were truly serious about winning a PR war against a popular president, they should seriously think again about whether they want to be represented in the media by characters like Raissa Robles. Indeed, it is time the Philippine Opposition take the bold step and ditch the Yellowtards.

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