Desperately latching onto Catriona Gray: a sign that the Opposition are losing!

With no constructive proposition to Filipino voters on offer and the infrastructure of its Demolition Campaign against the Duterte government in a spiral of self-destruction, the Opposition are hard-pressed to raise their brand equity by the bootstraps in the few remaining months of the 2019 election campaign.

Interestingly the volume of air time being given to beauty queen Catriona Gray is an indication the Opposition are in a desperate bid to capitalise on the lowest common denominator to attract Filipino votes. It began some time back when “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles pounced upon an opportunity to politicise Gray’s crowning as 2018 Miss Universe.

Beauty is indeed a gift. Physical looks accords one powerful influence over the masses and even revered Palanca award-winning poets look to them for validation and, corollary to that, put significant weight on the soundbites they parrot in the numerous publicity stunts they are contracted to grace.

The trouble with all this that one is left wondering what the message really is. Is it all about the fact that a beauty queen is delivering it? Is beauty a political message? That it seems is the message that the Opposition seem to want to focus on.

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