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The latest terrorist attack, this time on a mosque in Zamboanga City that reportedly killed two and injured four, already points to a disturbing emerging trend that follows the recent passing of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) granting autonomy to several predominantly Muslim provinces. The attack comes within days of a deadlier attack on a…

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What else are are the Opposition pitching to the Filipino voter? All they’ve done so far is whine and pretend to be aghast at what they describe as the “evil” regime of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. But they haven’t so far paused to step back and regard the bigger picture where the truth is…

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Modern analytics applied to Google search data have shown that Donald Trump was not the cause of a surge in right wing sentiment. That sentiment actually brewed in the fringes over the presidency of Barack Obama. Trump merely surfed to power on the wave of the culmination of that sentiment. The same was what was…

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An entire Opposition bloc captured in living colour attending the wedding of a liar!

A lot of rabid yellow supporters on social media who were Jover Laurio’s’ contemporaries before she became “popular” didn’t even bother to greet or congratulate her on her recent nuptials. It seems they don’t think highly of her anymore. She probably acts like she is too good for them now. Jover is very good at…

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Not surprising the awarding of the contract for printing passports to a private company was just another one of those midnight deals during Noynoy Aquino’s term just before he stepped down from office. This is similar to the rushed mass vaccination using the untested Dengvaxia vaccine. What’s also not surprising is the deafening silence of…

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The so-called “queen of media” Kris Aquino is on her own. Her supporters like Jover Laurio can’t even come to her defence because they are also shocked at the revelation she threatened to have Nicko Falcis killed. Her own defence is weak and lame. She won’t get out of this one unscathed. Kris can no…

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Kris Aquino is proof Cory should not have been and was not an effective President. Cory could not even raise her children well, what more run a country with millions of people? It should start at home. Cory failed at both – raising her children well and running a country. Kris is a product of…

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I agree with what commie social media “influencer” Tonyo Cruz recently wrote in his Manila Bulletin column… As we enter the new year and approach the elections, those of us so honored by earning Duterte’s ire and his apologists’ hate must be more creative, more courageous, more daring, more united. By all means, wear the…

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Kris Aquino is in drama mode following the explosive revelations surrounding the #PABoost Scandal. An Opposition coalition slate promoted by “vice president” Leni Robredo for the 2019 election dubbed “Ocho Diretso” is turning into a pathetic failure-to-launch. The Yellowtard troll and “influencer” army is scattered and in disarray. What now? Nobody seems to know. For…

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The New Year opens the runway towards the Philippines’ 2019 mid-term elections. As campaign activity ramps up and politicking intensifies between parties vying for power and making a bid to cash in on all the spending associated with elections, the risk of violence supposedly also increases. Following tradition, bearing of firearms will be curtailed in…

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