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Opposition has nothing better to do than put up roadblocks to the government’s pandemic response

“Penalize” Winnie says? The vaccine supply situation at present is similar to the alcohol supply situation in Bangladesh when I was there on business in 1998 – you drank what was available given it’s an Islamic country. You had no choice. In her Inquirer column today “Why penalize us for choosing better vaccine?”, Winnie Monsod begs to differ to what she describes as the Duterte administration’s decision that “Filipinos are not to be told what vaccine they are to be given, except at the last moment, so they can give their ‘informed consent’.”

It’s become clear that the Opposition has nothing better to do than put up roadblocks to the government’s pandemic response. They derided Sinovac, insinuating that there was an anomaly in the purchase price. No Pfizer or Moderna was coming. When Sinovac became available, they were falling over themselves to get vaccinated. They didn’t criticize the indemnification clause. Vaccine supplies continue to run short. This is made worse by the situation in India. They criticize government for its economic policies but know fully well that the only time the economic recovery can begin is when at least 50% of the population is vaccinated.

The root of all of this brouhaha is the Opposition has nothing better to do. The pandemic would’ve been an excellent opportunity for the opposition to call a ceasefire and unite the citizenry into cooperating in order to HEAL as ONE. But they thought it was still best to continue hitting the government in preparation for the 2022 election.

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If only because of this, I hope that former Senator Antonio Trillanes becomes the next President. Then we can see if he can do better. Remember that this was their main argument against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) whom they put in power. Do you still remember the events which took place during the Noynoy Aquino’s presidency? Who was more hands-on? More decisive? Had a better grasp of economics? Foreign policy?

The worst thing is the fact that the Opposition can’t get its act together up to this point. Imagine how stupid they are to be divided between vice President Leni Robredo and Trillanes. The latter had already fired a shot over Robredo’s bow. If not the two of them, who else is willing to participate in 1Sambayan’s “selection process”?

What the Opposition is demonstrating is its expertise in crab mentality. This is the same strategy it has employed against former presidents Ferdinand Marcos, Joseph “Erap” Estrada, GMA, and, now, Duterte, who Mareng Winnie ranks up there together with Apo Lakay as the country’s worst Presidents. Do you think that former President Fidel Ramos and Ngoy-Ngoy were the two best President’s post-Marcos? As Mareng Winnie would say, the choice is yours, dear reader.

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