CamSur beckons: Leni Robredo dishonestly leading Opposition on with her uncertain presidential bid

For once, the good Professor is a source of valuable information. In his Manila Times piece today “Hot and spicy Camarines Sur politics”, Antonio “Tonton” Contreras writes…

If there is any appearance of hesitation on [Vice President Leni] Robredo’s part, it is probably a ruse by the political opposition. A premature announcement by Robredo would leave a gaping hole in the opposition’s would-be presidential line-up, more so that they have been focusing on her despite her low survey numbers. But political pundits in Camarines Sur are almost certain that Robredo will run for governor and this is precisely why former senator Antonio Trillanes 4th has already made overtures to 1Sambayan to consider him as a candidate for president. He must also have heard of the news in the grapevine about Leni’s political plans.

It’s an open secret that the feud between the late former Secretary Jesse Robredo and Luis Villafuerte was contrived. There was no real bad blood. It was transactional politics at its best as explained to me by the principal of We Are Collective. Remember them? #nagaleaks and #lenileaks back in 2017? What Tonton isn’t telling is Farah Bongat, the wife of former Mayor John Bongat, is their cousin. Ironic isn’t it? But as the good Professor stops short of saying, in politics, there are no permanent enemies, only permanent interests.

Observe how Leni has been lying again about her plans. Ayaw talaga ng mga anak ko tumakbo ako. Eh di bakit ka pa tatakbo? Ang gusto ko talaga kasing trabaho sa local. Eh di tatakbo ka nga? Still no clear answer. But with former Senator Antonio Trillanes ever the opportunist, he shot down Robredo last Wednesday with his announcement that with her run for Governor imminent, he’s now putting himself forward for consideration as 1Sambayan’s Presidential bet. The Yellowidiots were all agog last week with this development. 1Sambayan’s convenors couldn’t put a lid on the infighting after several names of candidates were floated during its launch. If you were on the list, why would you want to run under their banner?

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Leni doesn’t want to be a spoilsport because confirmation of her plans leaves the opposition in shambles. Siya na lang ang natitirang ilaw, napundi pa? Di bale papalit naman yung flood light ni Trililing. But Leni being the diabolical cold-hearted “sweetheart” that she is, knows that the conditions aren’t ripe for her to make a bid for the Presidency. If she runs and eventually loses, she will go on an extended vacation for three years. But as it is now, there is an opportunity for her to become CamSur Governor. By no means is this a done deal yet.

The good Professor forgets that former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) is no political slouch when it comes to the vote-rich region. Dato and Nonoy Andaya are her boys. The same is true with Luis Villafuerte. At this point, there has been no realignments in the ruling coalition because there has been no orders yet from the top honchos. The safest post for Leni at this stage is to run for Naga City Mayor or Congresswoman in her old district. But she’s also in a bind now because she has transferred her place of residence. There is no such thing as a guaranteed victory in politics specially when you’ve telegraphed your moves.

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