Philippine Media turns Reed Bank collision incident into a bad reality TV circus

As usual, the media again got ahead of the right agencies authorised to do a proper investigation of the Reed Bank incident involving a Chinese vessel and a Filipino fishing boat. Not only that, they had hijacked the people and circumstances surrounding it to claim exclusive rights to what had become a perverse reality TV show.

In an astounding display of this perverse dramatisation, Lani Insigne wife of Junel, captain of the fishing boat that was allegedly rammed by a Chinese vessel at Reed Bank was somehow caught on video on the phone telling her husband not to proceed with a meeting with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. How the media came to be so ready to capture that moment attests to their predatory ways.

News cameras seem to have been locked and loaded for a scoop in time to video Lanie telling husband Junel Insigne to desist from seeing President Duterte.

Instead of informing the public, Philippine news media, it seems, is bent on inflaming an already explosive situation and turn Reed Bank into an international flash point.

There are so many conflicting reports about the boat sinking incident involving Filipino fishermen and a Chinese vessel. This is why it is wise to stay calm and let the facts come in first before condemning anyone.

Can the Philippines cut ties with China? Yes it can!

According to Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo, the Philippine government is considering the option to “cut off diplomatic relations” with China if it is found that a Chinese vessel intentionally collided with a Philippine fishing boat and and then left its crew of 22 as their vessel sank.

Cutting ties with China will be a good thing for Filipinos. Without Chinese influence and having turned their backs to their former colonial master the United States, Filipinos will finally be forced to learn to be truly independent and self-reliant.

Can it be done?

It certainly can.

The Philippines is doomed to suffer one-way relationships with global powers like China.

The Philippines is a resource rich nation. All it lacks is the skill to productively use its abundant natural resources and vast pool of workers and other human resources to create economic value. But in the age of the Internet, access to information has never been easier. Indeed, Filipinos only need to ditch their pathological dependence on foreign expertise and captial and take the time to actually learn how to do and make things on their own. In this way, they can build an economy that is self sufficient and not subject to the vicissitudes of the global market.

It’s time Filipinos learn to stand on their own two feet. Being without China, the US or any other generous foreign patron will be a much-needed kick in the ass for a people long accustomed to foreign meddlers bailing it out of problems of their own doing.

Chinese vessel leaves 22 Filipino seamen to die after ramming and sinking their ship

It seems the Chinese aren’t really a nice bunch of people. After a Chinese fishing vessel allegedly ramming and sank a Filipino boat, it left its crew of 22 to a possible death at sea. Neither the Chinese government nor Malacanang have made official statements on the matter beyond a statement issued by the Philippines’ Secretary of Defense Delfin Lorenzana who described what happened as “not the expected action from a responsible and friendly people.”

This leaves a lot of people in a difficult situation. With a growing resident population of Chinese nationals in the Philippines, possible racial tensions could start to simmer. It also does not help that the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has cultivated a cozy relationship with China and has been viciously criticised for it by the Opposition.

There is a big lesson to be learnt here and it is that the Philippines needs to be more independent and self-directed in its conduct among its global peers. It is quite evident that there is a lack of healthy two-way respect between China and the Philippines. A relationship with no mutual respect is one that is doomed and may be potentially damaging if not rectified.

Regine Velasquez may be the “Queen” of song but she is no queen when it comes to “thought leadership”

Regine Velasquez’s fans need not feel offended since it is not her singing abilities that is being questioned. They should stick to the issues and use facts in their arguments instead of mentioning her celebrity status. I mean why do they keep mentioning she is “the queen” of singing?

What does being a good singer have to do with one’s commentary on politics, for that matter? The fact is, Regine made several false claims in her now-famous tweet

1) Implying Locsin is not very smart. (Guess again.)

2) Claiming that Scarborough shoal is part of Philippine territory. (It isn’t. Ownership is still being disputed. China doesn’t own it either.)

3) Insisting that she is a “simple” person. (She isnt. She is a celebrity.)

Both Regine’s fans and the Yellow community who now rally around her tweet should stick to the facts of the matter.

FALSE INFO tweet of Regine Velasquez (@reginevalcasid) celebrated by Yellow Opposition just because they agree with it

Filipino singer Regine Velasquez recently made waves after responding to a tweet by Secretary of Foreign Affairs Teddy Location essentially chiming in on a topic she clearly is not qualified to discuss.

I don’t mind celebrities voicing their opinion about politics and other issues outside of their skill set. What I do mind is their opinion being given more weight just because they are celebrities.

The above statement tweeted by “Asia’s Songbird” got away with baldly false assertions that include…

1) Implying Locsin is not very smart. (Guess again.)

2) Claiming that Scarborough shoal is part of Philippine territory. (It isn’t. Ownership is still being disputed. China doesn’t own it either.)

3) Insisting that she is a “simple” person. (She isnt. She is a celebrity.)

Perhaps, referring to that last point, she meant simpleton.

Just the same, three counts of false information in a single tweet. And yet Regine Velasquez — because she is a celebrity and because she literally parrots the Yellow narrative — is given a pass with fanfare.

The Yellow Opposition routinely apply a double standard when they call out — or cheer on — celebrities who issue poltical statements. If it is favourable to their narrative, they are “heroes”. If, on the other hand, they make statements disagreeable to the Yellow “cause” they are demonised as shills who have “no right” to be engaging in political partisanism.

Selective. Yellow. True colours shine through no matter the disguise.

The curious case of COMMUNISTS calling for “gov’t action vs Chinese presence” in the Spratlys

According to this Inquirer report, “Bayan Muna on Saturday called on the government to protest the increasing presence of Chinese vessels circling the Pag-asa Island (Thitu Island), which it said may lead to heightened Chinese aggression.”

Now ain’t that rich?

On one hand, commies would routinely demonise the Philippine government and Filipino soldiers as their enemies then, on another, would issue idiotic statements like these for the campaign brownie points.

And, indeed, it is all about those brownie points. Turns out commie candidate Neri Colmenares is behind this latest commie ululation…

According to Bayan Muna chairman and Makabayan bloc senatorial candidate Neri Colmenares, there seems to be a coordinated effort by Chinese vessels to narrow and tighten areas that Filipino fishermen and other Philippine vessels can enter in our own territory.

I think Colmenares and his commie comrades in the New People’s Army (NPA) have lost the right to call the Philippine government to take action on whatever “issue” their pea brains come up with to use as fodder in their campaigns.

For that matter, why are they even participating in an election to begin with when their preferred method of taking power is to launch an armed terrorist struggle and install their “dictatorship of the proletariat”?

Filipinos have long tolerated SQUATTING on their public properties. So what’s so different about China?

Indeed, China is doing something to the Philippines that Filipinos really ought to be very familiar with. The Chinese are merely squatting. And given Filipinos’ unmatched tolerance for squatters to the point of even elevating them to sainthood, they really shouldn’t be complaining at all.

Squatting, as most Filipinos know, happens when people start illegally erecting structures on someone else’s private undeveloped land. Once there, they are difficult to eradicate as they cling to the land they illicitly occupy like barnacles.

China is just another squatter Filipinos ought to be accustomed to. For decades, the Philippines have neglected to develop any of the natural treasures that lay beneath the territories it lays claim to. So now that someone with the means to do just that had planted its assets on these territories, Filipinos are now screeching bloody “victimhood”. But, really, that’s just how squatting works, right?

The only way to remove squatters is by using force.

The trouble with Filipinos is they’re not consistent. They apply the rules selectively. How can Filipinos credibly presume to protest Chinese squatting on what they assert are their territories when they routinely coddle the crooked squatting ways of their own compatriots? Dumb, really.