Inquirer columnist @RicHeydarian PLAGIARISED @Inq_Opinion columnist Conrado de Quiros!

Richard Heydarian is absolutely beaming with pride over his “clever” piece, Duterte’s independent foreign policy published on the Inquirer today (link to Inquirer online here).

Trouble is, it seems the content of his article plagiarises an earlier piece published on the 5th January 2004 edition of the Inquirer authored by the eminent columnist Conrado de Quiros…

That’s not a very nice thing for an Inquirer columnist to be doing to an esteemed colleague. Plagiarism is a seriously intellectually dishonest practice and should not be tolerated.

DISHONEST journalism: @Inquirerdotnet repackages @TeddyboyLocsin tweet on Kris Aquino #PABoost scandal into “news”

Trust the Inquirer to issue a dishonest and downright lazy “report” on the recently-raging issue of revelations surrounding Kris Aquino’s financial ties with Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio and possibly other Netizens.

They classify their latest report under “Entertainment” and use the dishonest headline Kris Aquino’s critics just envious, says Locsin, which, evidently is meant to pass off a quote from a tweet issued by Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr as “news”.

MANILA, Philippines — Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. on Tuesday slammed critics attacking Actress Kris Aquino, saying: “People against Kris are just fucking envious of her wealth, her looks, her work ethic -She never stops working, her success and her pedigree. Period.”

Note too that the Inquirer editors seem to have allowed an article containing offensive words to pass approval for publication.

My virgin eyes! 😮

Indeed, “journalistic” standards are going down the tubes even within the Philippines’ premiere broadsheet and online news portal.

It’s no wonder Big Corporate Mainstream News Media are in the midst of a huge crisis of relevance and credibility. They no longer report the news objectively. They report the news selectively!

2017 “Person of the Year” awarded to @PinoyAkoBlog by @Inquirerdotnet in hindsight following #PABoost-gate

Now that revelations of Pinoy Ako Blog articles “boosted” on Facebook using funds provided by Kris Aquino are a runaway train, it is worth looking back to the close of 2017, when Jover Laurio was awarded “Person of the Year” by the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

In 2017, a huge battle was fought by Filipino soldiers to retake Marawi City from Islamic terrorists who had holed themselves up there. The battle lasted from May through October at enormous cost in civilian and military lives. The battle also all but flattened the once bustling city.

Back then, even when Laurio was still perceived to be the saintly squeaky clean “hero” of free speech and dissent, it already came across as a bit bizarre that Laurio would win out for such an award over Filipino soldiers who fought a ferocious battle to which millions of Filipinos tuned into on TV and via the Net. This is not to mention that this highly-televised battle was made possible by equally courageous field reporters and their dedicated crews. Many other unsung ordinary citizens contributed to the war and relief effort.

That Laurio would be chosen over these people and her work (if one could even call it that) over the collective effort to resolve an emergency spanning almost half a year of horrific death and destruction surrounding Marawi City even then — and now, especially with the PABoostgate scandal as backdrop — comes across as a gross misallocation of public recognition.

We need to ask the Inquirer Editor: What the hell was that? It’s high time. It’s long-sleeved.

I requested Inquirer editor @jnery_newsstand to comment on the @PinoyAkoBlog #PABoostNga circus, but he couldn’t be bothered to respond

I found it kind of strange that the retired Editor-in-Chief of the venerable Philippine Daily Inquirer would issue a public greeting to Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio referring to her coming wedding knowing full well that a public tweet is fair game for anyone to respond to.

So I thought I’d do just that and respond to it in the form of what I thought was a reasonable enough question

I was shocked that I didn’t get a response! I guess I know now how a reporter feels when writing a story and offering the subject of that story the opportunity to comment on the angle being explored and getting no response. Quite funny that the erstwhile editor of the illustrious Inquirer finds himself doing exactly what frustrates practitioners of his esteemed profession.

I’m not worthy of course. Jover Laurio, after all, was crowned 2017’s Filipino of the Year by Nery himself. So I don’t really blame him for being partial to his own creation.