Failure of EDSA “revolution” commemoration highlights Opposition failure to propose alternatives

Another February another year, another non-event takes place at the once hallowed EDSA monuments to the 1986 “people power revolution”. If Filipinos haven’t gotten the hint yet, perhaps it’s time to spell it out. These monuments should be put in a museum. Then again, perhaps let them stay — as poignant reminders of how Filipinos […]

Despite efforts to relive the Yellowtard spirit, EDSA commemoration is a dud again

Liberal Party President and Senator Kiko Pangilinan put up a brave appeal to Filipinos to sustain the Yellowtard tradition… “The idea behind the Yellow Ribbon Campaign came from our chapter leaders and members. This is a crucial ingredient for a successful movement. Let’s bring our efforts back to the people. Let them own it,” Pangilinan […]

If Filipinos regard EDSA “People Power” 1986 as their greatest achievement then the Philippines is truly DOOMED

Great nations rocket men to the moon, invent democracy and (ironically) liberalism, develop longer lasting lightbulbs, and make movies and music that bring joy to BILLIONS. Filipinos hang out on a highway to make tusok fishball and call that their “most genuine nation moment”. The fact that millions of Filipinos still think that way is […]

Dear Yellowtards, #NeverForget that Juan Ponce Enrile was an ORIGINAL Yellowtard “hero”!

Ironic that on the anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, much of what makes the Yellowtards such a laughable bunch of confused dimwits emerged. One notable one is the way they now gang up on elder statesman Juan Ponce Enrile. Thing is, Enrile is as much a creation of the Yellowtards as he is […]