Leni Robredo proved that the Opposition has no plan for the Philippines


It’s now obvious that the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards offer no solutions nor alternatives to the Filipino people. Given the chance by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to lead the charge against drug crime, “vice president” Leni Robredo could only respond with the usual lame vindictiveness that the Yellowtards have become renowned for.

Robredo’s camp seem to think being an Opposition is all about just heckling the incumbent government. Turns out this is just good for earning media mileage. Walking the talk, however, is where the rubber hits the road. And what better chance to hit Duterte where it hurts than taking charge of what had been the cornerstone of Duterte’s promise to his countrymen.

In failing to step up, Robredo had proven that she is no good even to her own supporters, many of whom want nothing more than to be back in power and back at the top of the political narrative. Their biggest mistake was pinning their hopes on yet another necropolitician. They never learn indeed.

The fact is, a real Opposition, one that deserves the respect and admiration of Filipino voters, both (1) provides an alternative vision and (2) shares an aspiration for a better Philippines with the incumbent. Unfortunately the Yellowtard camp does neither and this stunted approach to taking such an important role in a healthy democracy is embodied in Leni Robredo.

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