Yellowtards are praying for Duterte’s death. But do they have a plan if that prayer is answered?

For a bunch of people who can’t stand the sight of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s face, the Yellowtards seem to be so obsessed about his whereabouts. The interesting thing about this behaviour is that many of these bozos have expressed veiled wishes that Duterte would not show up at all — in short, they wish he’d be dead soon.

Fair enough. The Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition have not much in their political strategy beyond seizing power by that hoped-for attrition, whether it be by impeachment, prosecution, ouster, or, in this latest case, death. But, as usual, the Yellowtards fail to provide an answer to the obvious simple question: What next?

What next if, indeed, their wish comes true and Duterte dies? “Vice president” Leni Robredo? Is Robredo the Opposition’s strategy?

The question then turns to what Robredo’s vision for the Philippines is. What is Robredo’s vision for the country? Has Robredo ever articulated such a vision much less a strategy to achieve that vision? So far, there is little evidence that she did or has one floating around her little brain.

Perhaps Duterte could die before his term ends. That just puts a bit more scrutiny on the leadership chops Robredo would, in that unfortunate event, be bringing to Malacanang.

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