Yellow-led Philippine Opposition dismiss the government’s achievements just because they hate President Duterte


Yellow supporters are so bitter and hateful to the point that they make fun and belittle the effort of the current government to clean up Manila Bay. You would think they’d appreciate it since it is so close to where they live and breath. They are simply pathetic.

I just can’t believe that since yellow supporters can’t go against the clean up of Manila Bay, they just dismiss it as “easy” and as if it’s nothing significant. Never mind that for six years during Noynoy’s term, it never got this clean. They can’t even admit former President Noynoy Aquino was slack.

Those who say that the Manila Bay and Boracay clean up are Duterte’s only achievements do not appreciate that he exposed the shenanigans of the Noynoy government including the illegal drug operation inside the national penitentiary. Then Department of Justice Secretary De Lima knew this but turned a blind eye to the problem. This shows just how tolerant the government of Aquino was to endemic crime.

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