The Philippine Constitution should be amended to prevent another Leni Robredo

If there’s proof that the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution is a flawed product of a kneejerk overreaction to the threat of “another Martial Law Regime”, Leni Robredo would be it. From Day One of her “vice presidency”, Robredo has taken an obstructionist approach to fulfilling her role in government. Instead of working with her new government, […]


COP OUT: Leni Robredo chickens out of an opportunity to prove she is better than Duterte!

“Vice President” Leni Robredo said she doesn’t want to respond to President Rodrigo Duterte’s offer to be the Drug Czar because she doesn’t know how serious he is. That’s another lame excuse. She should be ready all the time considering she’s been criticising Duterte’s drug war since Day One. Goes to show she’s all talk. […]

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Yellowtards are praying for Duterte’s death. But do they have a plan if that prayer is answered?

For a bunch of people who can’t stand the sight of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s face, the Yellowtards seem to be so obsessed about his whereabouts. The interesting thing about this behaviour is that many of these bozos have expressed veiled wishes that Duterte would not show up at all — in short, they wish […]