Did Maria Ressa LIE to the Associated Press (@AP) regarding her arrest? #DefendPressFreedom

The Associated Press today announced the deletion of a tweet posted Wednesday and implied that it was misled by statements provider by Rappler CEO Maria Ressa…

The AP deleted a Wednesday tweet on journalist Maria Ressa’s arrest. It incorrectly said she was arrested for criticizing Philippine President Duterte. Authorities said she was arrested over a libel complaint, but Ressa argues the government misapplied the law to target her.

This is a landmark retraction by a major news media organisation as many others continue to “report” misleading information about Ressa’s arrest on charges of libel.

Erstwhile respected “journalist” Christiane Amanpour, for example, seemingly stands by the very significantly slanted take on the matter that the AP now distances itself from…

You know a government is desperate when they arrest a journalist.

President Duterte: FREE @mariaressa NOW.


It seems Amanpour needs to be reminded of the most relevant fact of this matter — that only a Philippine court can decide on that which she is calling for.

Perhaps the rest of the global “journalism” community need to get a grip and step back from all the misleading emotionalism kicked up by Maria Ressa in her desperation to sidestep the the task she is being taken to today. It’s an opportune time for the community to revisit the core values of the journalism profession and understanding the root cause of the crisis of relevance and credibility that the corporate news media industry suffers today.

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