If Filipinos regard EDSA “People Power” 1986 as their greatest achievement then the Philippines is truly DOOMED

Great nations rocket men to the moon, invent democracy and (ironically) liberalism, develop longer lasting lightbulbs, and make movies and music that bring joy to BILLIONS.

Filipinos hang out on a highway to make tusok fishball and call that their “most genuine nation moment”.

The fact that millions of Filipinos still think that way is probably the single biggest piece of damage wrought by the Yellowtards upon Philippine society. They have turned an entire people into an oligarch-worshipping lot incapable of an independent thought of their life depended on it.

It’s high time Filipinos give themselves a bit more credit and aspire to achieve greater things. Mediocrity is an easy sauce to sell and an even cheaper product to manufacture in bulk — which is why the yellow sauce was for so long the secret behind the Yellowtards’ previous poltical domination.

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