When you’re with the Yellowtards you’re a “Netizen”, otherwise you are a “troll”


Trust the renowned Reverse Midas Touch of the Yellowtards to turn an otherwise benign term such as “Netizen” into a concept associated with self-entitled millennial snowflake brats. That is exactly what they did in being baldly selective with how they brand anyone who dares criticise or challenge Yellowtard orthodoxy.

When a social media user toes the “liberal” Yellowtard or communist line, that user is a “Netizen” and enjoys a high chance of getting generous citations in various “reports” all over mainstream media — specially “social news network” Rappler where the idea of “journalism” is a nebulous vibe crafted to suit the political and personal agendas of its CEO Maria Ressa.

And the rest of the lot? They are “trolls”. So anyone deemed disagreeable by the chi chi “thought leaders” of Yellowtardom gets summarily slapped that label — a convenient one that erstwhile attracted social stigma.

Not anymore though. The term “troll”, like that other favourite snowflakes’ bogeyman “Fake News” has been dropped too often that it has been rendered meaningless and is now regarded as just a quaint Yellowtard punchline. We all have to thank the astounding inconsistency with which the Yellowtards apply their “principles” to their sophomoric “activism” for that.

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