Duterte reunited the Filipino people after Aquino and the Yellowtards divided and polarised them for decades

This, in a tweet, is how Chief Yellowtard Economist JC Punongbayan describes the government of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte… A despotic, inept, and petty regime that polarized our political landscape, induced the backsliding of our democracy, and compromised our national sovereignty like never before. Punongbayan forgets, however, that it was Duterte’s predecessor, former President […]

If Filipinos regard EDSA “People Power” 1986 as their greatest achievement then the Philippines is truly DOOMED

Great nations rocket men to the moon, invent democracy and (ironically) liberalism, develop longer lasting lightbulbs, and make movies and music that bring joy to BILLIONS. Filipinos hang out on a highway to make tusok fishball and call that their “most genuine nation moment”. The fact that millions of Filipinos still think that way is […]

If Filipinos could choose their foreign occupier, should they choose China?

The present government is really no different to any preceding government. It is run by Pinoys, and therefore proposes Pinoy solutions to (perceived) Pinoy problems … which, more often than not, are actually symptoms, not the problem itself. Pinoy leaders refuse to look outside of their narrow viewpoint because they can’t. They’re too Proud. To […]

Lupang Hinirang should be changed so that it celebrates the lives of achievers and not of the dead and merely “heroic”

First of all, we referred to the national anthem as the “Bayang Magiliw” when we were kids. We all knew what we were referring to when we called it that. Being told it is actually “Lupang Hinirang” is nice, but it comes across like being told to refer to a chair as “salumpuwet” rather than […]

Nice words from Kelsey Merritt (@kelsmerritt). Thing is, “Filipino” is NOT a race.

It’s nice of supermodel Kelsey Merritt to assert her “Filipinoness” in a recent tweet she fielded… Pinanganak ako sa Pilipinas at lumaki ako sa Pampanga. Tinapos ko ang pagaaral ko sa Manila bago ako lumipat sa US last year. Mas pinoy pa dugo ko kesa sa mga “pure” na hindi pa nakatapak sa Pilinipas. I […]