People seem to forget that the New People’s Army are an armed ENEMY force that kills Filipino soldiers

It seems being an apologist for a terrorist enemy army such as the communist New People’s Army (NPA) has become not just an acceptable position to take in polite society, it’s also become fashionable amongst snowflake “activists” like Inday Espina Varona as she demonstrates in a tweet today…

Well, there you go. The tyrant Duterte has just confirmed the genuinely progressive character of the NPA 🙂 Saludo! The NPA does not discriminate and accepts LGBTQs into their ranks. It even recognises same-sex marriage. 🙂

Earlier, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte made crack about the NPA quippping that “40 percent” of them are gay. Whether he meant that in a bad or a good way, the leader of a nation at war holds license to call the enemies of his people any way he pleases.

The NPA are terrorists and enemies of the Filipino people. So as far most Filipinos are concerned, nobody really gives a shit how open their ranks are to gay people.

Back in the day the people of REAL NATIONS were ONE in demonising the enemies they are at WAR with.

There are worse words than “bakla” to to call an enemy army and worse ways to shape their images in the minds of a people at war.

One thought on “People seem to forget that the New People’s Army are an armed ENEMY force that kills Filipino soldiers

  1. One of the perks of being “ang foreign na asawa ng isang Pilipina na marunong magsalita ng Tagalog” is that, whenever I visit the Sierra Madre area where my wife is from, that is apparently infested with NPAs (or at least that is what the locals say) I feel safe and secure as if the worst thing that could happen is that a group of NPAs heavily armed may actually come out of the blue but we would end up having a friendly chit-chat over gin. I think being fluent in Tagalog opens many doors of possibility while travelling in the Philippines….almost like having a special kind of passport…..

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