Maria Ressa appeals to Facebook for help to silence her critics!

I read an article about Rappler CEO Maria Ressa on the Australian Financial Review where she is quoted appealing to Facebook to help hold Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to account. She said “the only people who can actually do something to level the playing field in the short-term are the social media platforms”.

Huh? Facebook and other socmed sites did level the playing field as I recall.

Ressa is being inconsistent. She can’t make up her mind about Facebook. One moment she praises it, the next she condemns it. Her opinion of Facebook seems to depend on her mood. Facebook already made Rappler a “fact-checker” but she is still not satisfied with that privilege!

This is why journalists like Maria Ressa lost their celebrity status. Ordinary citizens were given a platform to voice their dissent and hold journalists who publish untruths to account. Ressa is just bitter that most people in the Philippines don’t see her as a “thought leader” anymore.

Still, she is adamant. Ressa insists that Duterte is “weaponising the law”.

“How do you know when an online attack to kill you, burn you, rape you, shoot you or bomb you shifts from words to the time it becomes real,” she said.

“This is the biggest danger. It’s a psychological war. It’s made to silence and intimidate. And you couple that with a government that also weaponises the law. As far as I’m concerned, all of these charges are political harassment and it’s to stop us doing our job.”

That’s the dumbest thing coming out of her mouth. The law doesn’t pick and choose. The law applies to everyone. It’s there to protect innocent people from libelous articles.

The only thing consistent about Ressa is the script she uses to feed the international news media community – that Duterte is trying to “silence” her. She contradicts that by showing she is completely free to go on numerous junkets where she delivers her non-stop media blitzes that only provide her side of the story. No one from the foreign media even checks if any of what she says is true.

According to the Yellowtard @MrFrankBaraan, Twitter users are smart “fact checkers” and Facebook users are stupid trolls!

In a recent tweet, the self-described “human rights activist” and “democracy advocate” issued his assessment of the intelligence of members of the two big social media platforms…

Not only is he calling Facebook users stupid, he is also accusing them of being paid hacks funded by Filipino taxpayers.

One wonders a very basic wonder… Does Frank Baraan IV have proof to back his assertions?

Perhaps Baraan fails to see the irony in his statements — words that have, themselves, not been subject to a proper fact check even by himself.

Interestingly enough, there continues a persistent mystery surrounding the possible involvement of his father, Francisco Baraan the Third, in the thriving drug trade in the Philippines. Indeed the questions continue to be asked… Was he really involved in drug trafficking at the New Bilibid Prisons?

Lots of disturbing questions surrounding former Undersecretary Francisco Baraan III remain unanswered to this day.

Considering a quaint cottage industry of so-called “fact checkers” has sprung up all over the Philippines’ social media scene, no facts have actually emerged to clarify this matter.

Damaso activist @CarlosCeldran banned from Facebook after inviting people to “shoot” Mark Zuckerberg!

Apparently not content with his new-found expat life in Spain, Filipino “influencer” and self-styled “activist” Carlos Celdran continues to keep tabs on Philippine politics. However he continues to go about it the wrong way this time getting into trouble once again after inviting his followers to effect violence upon no less than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself…

Not surprisingly, Celdran got himself suspended from his favourite social media platform. But, quite evidently, he seems to learn no lessons from the experience as this latest tweet demonstrates…

And the hypocrisy of Facebook. My post was removed and my account suspended for now. They allow threats sent to everyone – except to themselves. Work harder @facebook in removing fake profiles, fake news & fake engagements. Your platform facilitated enough harm already.

Holy Yellowtard logic, Batman!

This, coming from an avid instagrammer. Perhaps semeone should remind Celdran who owns Instagram.

At least 195,000 pesos spent on @PinoyAkoBlog #PABoost Facebook ad campaigns!

The latest screenshots leaked out of ledgers detailing what could be cash disbursements possibly originating from the Queen of All Philippine Media herself, Kris Aquino, show that at least 195,000 pesos was spent on Facebook ad campaigns to boost what are essentially demolition jobs published on Yellowtard blog site Pinoy Ako Blog.

What appear to be lists of some of the blog posts, most likely written by top Yellowtard “thought leader” Jover Laurio, are shown along with the amounts used to fund their promotion in the images.

It is interesting to note that the Pinoy Ako Blog slogan is “Para sa bayan tuloy ang laban” which adorns the closing statements of most PAB blog posts. Perhaps para sa bayad is what Laurio really means.

Php18,000 spent to fund @PinoyAkoBlog ATTACK on James Deakin!

The latest leaked screenshots from behind the Yellow Curtain reveal that an astounding 18,000 pesos was spent on a Pinoy Ako Blog Facebook campaign to attack James Deakin!

The attack was likely so ferocious and the results of the funded campaign so effective that Deakin was forced to apologise to — surprise, surprise — none other than the Crazy Rich one herself

MANILA, Philippines – Automotive journalist and host James Deakin apologized to Kris Aquino for his handling of a controversy in which Deakin and politician Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr were featured in a video together.

Money well-spent (possibly by the Crazy Rich lady) it seems.

Jover Laurio’s supporters could be SHOCKED by revelations that Facebook #PABoost is behind @PinoyAkoBlog popularity!

It seems Jover Laurio’s fellow yellows are not coming to her defense. That’s probably because they are also shocked to find out that the popularity of her blogs is courtesy of her sponsor Kris Aquino. They were not aware her posts were being boosted on Facebook. The popularity wasn’t organic.

Jover’s credibility is gone and the timing is perfect for the mid-term elections. No politician who is for re-election in their right mind would “sponsor” her now.

2019 is already memorable. It is the year Jover went down in flames. I already predicted her demise before. She’s just a mascot for the yellows. Her very own business manager ratted her out. Goes to show she’s a rotten person deep inside.

Jover should just go into hiding like Cocoy Dayao. It’s best for her to lay low. She’s a menace to herself and the Filipino people.

Aftermath of #PABoost Scandal: Jover Laurio a.k.a. @PinoyAkoBlog is TOAST!

Jover Laurio just admitted that her blogs got more exposure because these got boosted by Facebook after her sponsors paid her. Her popularity is fake just like the contents of her blogs are fake.

But some people didn’t realise that the editors of the Inquirer were one of the first to give Jover a boost. She has done nothing significant to help the Filipino public, but it was enough for them that she criticises Duterte and made her 2017 “Filipino of the Year”. What a disgrace!

Jover’s first mistake was pissing us off when she tried to reveal private information about us. Her second mistake was in playing the victim card and being a hypocrite. She’ll soon realise she pissed off the wrong people.

All of a sudden Jover thinks there is nothing wrong with paying to boost her posts. Well, why wasn’t she transparent about it from the start and why did she keep accusing other bloggers of being paid when she is the one being sponsored? Yes, this proves her blogs were sponsored.

Hey Jover! Now there is proof you are being sponsored, you have to stop accusing others of being sponsored unless you have proof. Resibo nga, diba?

Alleged leaked screenshots reveal possible funding of @PinoyAkoBlog by Kris Aquino Inc!

What appear to be screenshots of Facebook Messenger chats between Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio and Nicko Falcis have emerged. The conversations supposedly between Laurio and Falcis seem to involve instructions and confirmation to “boost” (pay Facebook for extra exposure on users’ timelines) Laurio’s articles published on her site Pinoy Ako Blog (PAB).

The screenshots were made public on Sass Rogando Sasot’s Facebook page For the Motherland starting with this one

Sasot further reveals that each boost costs Php3000…

…and that “Nicko” supplies Laurio with credit cards used to fund these Facebook boosts…

Nicko Falcis is an entrepreneur and is credited with the establishment of TV personality Kris Aquino as a major “digital star” as managing director of Kris C. Aquino Productions (KCAP). Falcis has since had a falling out with Aquino after the latter filed a “qualified theft” complaint against him in October 2018.

According to a statement released by his brother, lawyer Jesus Falcis, Nicko remains in the US and has yet to answer the charges. The falling out, according to Jesus, was likely a result of demands being made by Aquino that went beyond what Nicko was able to physically deliver. See the full video of the statement delivered by Jesus Falcis here.